Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 742

Chapter 742 Silly Lass Arent You Feeling Warm?

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Xuxu grunted in response. Usually, she could suppress her curiosity, and since he had said that she would know later on, then she should wait—there was no hurry.

Yan Rusheng turned on the tap and continued to wash the vegetables. Xuxu walked over. “What happened to the kidnappers who had injuries? Did the police update you?”

Yan Rusheng answered, “They brought them back to the station.”

It puzzled Xuxu. “Weren’t their injuries serious?”

Especially the guy who suffered a concussion after getting kicked by Ming Ansheng. Su Yue had stabbed the other two on the back. However, why is it that all of them were brought to the station after a night?

Were they not afraid that they haven’t fully recovered?

Yan Rusheng coldly sneered. “It’s obvious that someone wanted to bail them out.”

Xuxu widened her eyes in surprise. “Their leader?”

Yan Rusheng didn’t answer her question and gave her a rather vague response. “You’ll know when you watch the news later.”

Xuxu frowned. She thought, “Why is this fellow acting so mysterious?”

“I wonder what punishment they would receive? I hope it’s severe enough. Yueyue…” She stopped midway and sighed. “What will happen to the little girl in future? Let’s bring her out to play soon.”

Yan Rusheng nodded. “Okay.”

He extended his hand and took the plate from Xuxu’s hand. “You go out first. There will be a lot of smoke in the kitchen later.”

“I’m not so delicate.” Xuxu frowned although she felt rather blissful.

She leaned against the sink.

“But I’m worried about my son.” Young Master Yan suddenly bent his back and tenderly kissed Xuxu’s belly. With his voice laced with pity, he said, “Son, hurry and come out soon. If not, your daddy will die from suppressing his desires.”

Xuxu’s face fell…

Initially, it was such a heartwarming and touching scene but his words ruined it.

She stretched her hand and knocked his head forcefully. “Thug!”

She spun around and left the kitchen.

Xuxu saw Su Yue walking out from her room. She was wearing her windbreaker, but most importantly, she seemed to be wearing many layers underneath. She looked exceedingly bloated.

Her head was tiny while her body had expanded. She looked unbalanced.

She doubtfully questioned her. “Yueyue, what is this all about?”

Su Yue pointed to the sofa. And with all her naivety, she said, “They wanted to continue playing, but whoever loses will have to take off their clothes. So, I put on more layers.”

Zhou Shuang guffawed. ” Pfft . This tiny pretentious girl is too adorable!”

Ming Ansheng, Xuxu, and Lu Yinan couldn’t help but twitch their mouths.

Ming Ansheng frowned as he grinned. “Silly lass, aren’t you feeling warm?”

Su Yue quipped, “I’m fine, it’s not warm.”

Zhou Shuang was still laughing. Ming Ansheng glared at her with disapproval in his eyes, and it seemed to say, ‘It’s all your fault.’

He then shot a sharp stare at Lu Yinan as well.

These two atrocious fellows had suggested something so ridiculous.

And this silly girl really took their words with all seriousness to the extent that she came out with so many layers of clothing.

Everyone assumed that she had fled after hearing about the stakes.

“Take them off, it’s too warm.” Xuxu walked to Su Yue and helped to unbutton her windbreaker.