Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Nothing To Worry

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Su Yue stopped Xuxu, and she said, “It’s alright Third sister-in-law. I’m really not warm.”

Xuxu frowned and thought to herself, ‘This lass!’

She helplessly sighed and flashed her an affectionate smile before turning away. She scanned the group of friends before glaring at Zhou Shuang. “Who suggested this atrocious penalty?”

Although she directed the question at everyone, it was obvious that she was referring to Zhou Shuang.

Zhou Shuang immediately protested. “Did you get it wrong? Do I look like someone who’d do such a thing?”

Zhou Shuang feigned a pitiful expression and extended her finger at Lu Yinan. She coldly sneered. “It’s Lu Yinan who suggested taking off clothes.”

Lu Yinan didn’t deny and glared at Zhou Shuang. “It was you who overestimated your own capability.”

Zhou Shuang was livid. “But who was the one who had overestimated hiscapability?”

Both of them seemed to have activated their battle mode. While Ming Ansheng stared at them, his head throbbed. He rose and walked towards Su Yue. “Go remove your clothes. We’ll have dinner soon.”

“But I want to play.” Su Yue bent her head and whispered, “It’s alright, I’m wearing many layers.”


Xuxu and Ming Ansheng pursed their lips and were speechless.

“Alright, go ahead and play,” Xuxu answered.

She held Su Yue’s arm and supported her as she sat down, she followed suit after.

Su Yue dealt the cards.

Zhou Shuang was a little apprehensive when she saw how interested Su Yue looked. Her mouth twitched as she asked, “Little lass, are you serious about removing your clothes?”

Su Yue looked at Zhou Shuang as she dealt the cards. She then directed a question to Zhou Shuang. “Didn’t you claim that you would dare to play anything?”

“I…” It stumped Zhou Shuang for words.

Lu Yinan seized the chance to mock her. “Exactly. Who was it who loudly declared that she’d dare do anything? But it looks like someone is backing away.”

Zhou Shuang gritted her teeth, apparently feeling provoked by Lu Yinan. “Mr. Fake, your death is near.”

Lu Yinan carried on. “Don’t boast. We will all witness you doing a naked dance later.”

Everyone arranged their own cards.

Zhou Shuang suddenly beckoned to Xuxu. “Xuxu, come over and help me.”

She was feeling a little jittery inside. If only Su Yue didn’t put on so many additional layers.

She thought she had worn enough layers, but after comparing to Su Yue’s layers of clothes, hers was insufficient.

Xuxu was smarter than her. She nearly won every game earlier on.

Xuxu glanced at Su Yue and saw that Ming Ansheng was helping her. In that case, she had nothing to worry about.

She stood up and sat beside Zhou Shuang.

Lu Yinan was the host for the first round and he dealt a set of five cards. No one could follow him so he dealt another single card. Su Yue and Zhou Shuang dealt a card each.

Lu Yinan dealt with his final cards, and it was clear that he would win.

“Hahaha! I won! It’s a double penalty, so remove two layers.” Young Master Lu looked at Zhou Shuang with an evil smile.

Double penalty, two layers…

Everyone’s mouths twitched.

Zhou Shuang peered at her own clothes and debated with Lu Yinan. “If this is really a double penalty, does that mean we would have to peel off our skin if our clothes are not enough?”

“Don’t be a sore loser.” Lu Yinan’s eyes twinkled. “If you don’t want to admit defeat, it’s fine with me. Hug my leg and apologize. And don’t forget to write a letter saying that if you see me in the future, you have to make a detour to avoid me.”