Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 744

Chapter 744 The Older They Get The Less Thoughtful They Become

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Zhou Shuang was speechless. “It’s just two layers, anyway.”

She stretched her hand to grab her jacket lying on the sofa. She put it on, took it off and remove her vest.

She only had a tight-fitting long-sleeved top left.

“You’re really flat!” sneered Lu Yinan with contempt as he eyed Zhou Shuang’s chest.

Then he shuffled the cards.

Zhou Shuang glared at him. “What d*ck business has it got to do with you?”

Lu Yinan’s face lit up with a mischievous and a devious smile. “Of course, it doesn’t concern any of my d*ck business.”

It sounded coarse and… suggestive.

Even the tough Zhou Shuang couldn’t help but blush. “You…”

She wanted to yell at him but realized that he had gained the upper hand. So she clammed up and decided to be a coward.

Xuxu really felt like strangling Lu Yinan.

This fake pretentious guy had always put on such a refined and cultured facade. She wanted to snatch his spectacles and smash it.

Ming Ansheng glanced at Su Yue’s innocent-looking face. He then grabbed some napkins and hurled them at Young Master Lu’s face. “Lu Yinan, can you talk appropriately?”

Lu Yinan smirked and winked at Su Yue who was sitting beside Ming Ansheng. “Little Yueyue, shall we work together to remove this female thug’s clothes?”

Su Yue ignored him and remained impassive.

Young Master Lu was being treated as though he was invisible and he felt rather upset. He shuffled the cards to begin the next round.

Su Yue was the host for this round and she was eagerly waiting for her turn. But when she saw her cards, a crease appeared in between her eyebrows. Her cards didn’t seem too good.

Her face revealed her thoughts. Lu Yinan glanced at her, looking smug. “Little girl, your cards aren’t good?”

He stretched his neck towards her with an impish grin. Ming Ansheng extended his hand and blocked his view with his huge hand. He also blocked Su Yue’s cards. He glared at Lu Yinan. Then with a sharp tone of voice, he spoke, “Concentrate on yours.”

Lu Yinan was annoyed with Ming Ansheng. “Hey, Ming Ansheng, if you had a younger sister, I reckon you would spoil and protect her at all costs.”

Ming Ansheng didn’t respond and guided Su Yue seriously. “You can pair this together with this.”

The Yan mansion.

Aunt Zhang put the dishes on the dining table and walked out of the dining room. She walked towards Jiang Qinglian in the living room.

“First Madam, dinner is ready.”

Jiang Qinglian was starting at the TV screen in a daze. When she heard Aunt Zhang’s voice, she glanced at the clock and said, “Third Yan and Xuxu are not back yet.”

“Third Master, Third Madam Yan, and Young Miss…” Aunt Zhang hastily stopped talking. “They are not coming back for dinner tonight.”

Jiang Qinglian weakly smiled. “The older they get, the less thoughtful they become.”

She sounded disappointed.

Aunt Zhang heard what he had said, she then spoke on behalf of Yan Rusheng and Xuxu. “Miss Su Yue should be still in the hospital, maybe that’s why they are still outside.”

Jiang Qinglian peered down at her hands. She softly said, “Just put the food there, I’ll eat later.”

She took the remote control and switched channels.

‘Xuxu, can you be my daughter?’

‘Xuxu is First Aunt and Aunt Mu Li’s daughter. I’ll be filial to you even when I grow up.’

She reminisced about the fond memories she had.

Disappointment surged in her chest. After all, she wasn’t her real daughter. Runan had made such a huge mistake because he wanted to protect his mother.

She hated Yan Weiye and that mistress…

She looked around the empty living room and a cold smile flitted across her face. She had no idea what was in store for her beloved son, Runan, for tomorrow.