Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Why Do You Have To Resort To Violence?

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‘Today, the authorities received an anonymous email reporting that Liu Changfu, the Capital City Committee Secretary, is dealing with corruption and embezzling money. It further accused him of keeping a mistress. The email contained a few photos as evidence where it showed Liu Changfu together with a slim lady. However, since there is insufficient evidence, investigations are underway…’

Nowadays, news of government officials’ corruption and embezzlement are rampant. So Jiang Qinglian didn’t pay attention to this particular news.

The telephone suddenly rang, and she glanced at it. She put down the remote control and answered. “Hello.”

Xuxu was on the other line. “First Aunt? This is Xuxu. Tonight we won’t be coming home for dinner.”

“Got it,” Jiang Qinglian nonchalantly answered. She said nothing further.

Xuxu continued, “Yan Rusheng will be back soon.”

Jiang Qinglian asked, “How about you?”

Xuxu chuckled. “I’m staying at my grandfather’s place. I’ll go back tomorrow.”

Jiang Qinglian grunted in response before excusing herself. “I’m eating dinner soon, so I’ll hang up now.”

She hung up and glanced at the TV screen. It was another news reporting the imprisonment of a certain government official.

Every time she heard the word prison, her heart would uneasily prickle.

She couldn’t sit by and idle regarding Runan’s matter. She had to find Wang Bin before the police do.

Jiang Qinglian grabbed her phone and dialed Yan Weiye’s number.

“Do you have Wang Bin’s house number?”

“Don’t ask me why. Just send me.”

“If you and I both don’t care, what will happen to our son?”


A text shortly came after she hung up. She stood up and walked towards the dining room and dialed a number.

“Hello, is this Wang Bin’s wife? I am Jiang Qinglian…”

Xuxu hung up and glumly stared at her phone.

Yan Rusheng passed her a bowl full of vegetables and meat. He then noticed her expression. “What’s wrong?”

Xuxu put down her phone and pursed her lips. She glanced at Su Yue who was busy eating and shook her head. “Nothing much, let’s eat.”

She knew that First Aunt was upset with them.

It wasn’t often that First Aunt came to visit, aside from that, Second Brother’s issue wasn’t settled yet. And now, she and Yan Rusheng were both away and wouldn’t come home for dinner, and to cap it off, they were with Su Yue.

It was expected that First Aunt wouldn’t be happy.

If she was in First Aunt’s shoes, she would also have the same reaction.

Yan Rusheng knew that Xuxu had some reservations, hence she didn’t speak the truth. He didn’t press on, but he continued adding her favorite food to her bowl.

Zhou Shuang grumbled when she saw that the plate of prawns was about to be emptied. “Third Yan, you only prepared a plate of prawns? Ming Ansheng kept eagerly adding prawns to your sister’s plate, and you gave all to your wife. What about us?”

Yan Rusheng glared at her. “If you don’t talk, no one would think you’re mute.”

He felt indignant that he had to cook this female hooligan’s share for that meal.

Lu Yinan added on right after Yan Rusheng. “No matter how much you eat, there is no way you can salvage your figure.”

He turned his head and glanced at Zhou Shuang’s chest. He continued to be sarcastic. “Our hospital is having a discount for boob enhancement. If you do the left, the right is free. I strongly recommend you to go for it.”

Zhou Shuang was livid and hit him on his chest. “Hey, Lu Yinan. How about you? Where is your six-pack that a man should possess?”

“Hooligan, why do you have to resort to violence?” Lu Yinan jumped up and covered his chest.

He was half-naked as he had lost in the previous round.