Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Why Did He Want To Harm Me?

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Zhou Shuang shot a menacing glare at Lu Yinan. “Stop acting like a gay. It’s time to come out of your closet.”

“Female thug, I shan’t lower myself to you.” Lu Yinan turned back to the sofa to pick up his shirt. He then put it on.

Wearing his light pink shirt, he was the refined and cultured Young Master Lu once again.

Although he wasn’t a brawny man, his set of faintly discernible collarbones made him appear unique and indescribably alluring.

His exceptionally long eyelashes and deep slender eyes were naturally charming, too.

Zhou Shuang shot him a glance and added, “No matter how I look at you, you’re still a sissy.”

Despite being a man, he possessed some feminine traits.

After finishing his dinner, Lu Yinan left the dinner table and went to turn on the TV. Because of Old Master Lu’s influence, he was used to watching military news from a young age.

Out of habit, he switched to the military channel.

‘Today, the authorities received an anonymous email reporting that Liu Changfu, the Capital City Committee Secretary, is dealing with corruption and embezzling money. It further accused him of keeping a mistress. The Chief of Staff, Huang Xulai from the Capital City’s Military District XX Department, has been reported to be connected with Liu Changfu’s case. Investigations are underway. As it may possibly involve more government officials, the country’s leader is paying great attention to this case, and has ordered a thorough investigation…’

With the exception of Su Yue, when everyone at the dinner table heard the news, a strange expression flashed across their faces.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows while her eyes were glued to the television screen. She leaned over to Yan Rusheng and whispered, “Is this the news that you wanted me to watch?”

Her voice sounded certain.

Yan Rusheng smiled and winked at her. “You are no doubt, my intelligent wife.”

“Why does Secretary Liu want to protect those hooligans?” Xuxu suspiciously narrowed her eyes, and before Yan Rusheng could respond, she hazarded a guess. “Don’t tell me he sent those hooligans to kidnap Yueyue?”

She frowned again in doubt. “If that’s the case, did he also instigate the two thugs to create chaos at the stall two months ago?”

But what was Secretary Liu’s motives behind all those? Although Yan Rusheng didn’t like him, they didn’t have any head-on clash before.

He couldn’t be so foolish to vent out his anger towards Yan Rusheng in such a manner. He wouldn’t take such a big risk to harm her and kidnap Su Yue just because Yan Rusheng didn’t like him or showed him any respect.

No matter how Xuxu pondered over it, it just made no sense. As the Capital City’s committee secretary, he couldn’t have been such an idiot to stoop to such a level.

Lost in her thoughts, Yan Rusheng’s voice casually sounded in her ears. “Wife, wait patiently. There’ll be more to come.”

Seeing the mysterious yet alluring smile on his charming face, Xuxu struck her fist on his back with resentment. “You’re so bad. If I was Zhou Shuang, I would definitely scratch your face.”

He always loved keeping her on tenterhooks. If it wasn’t because she could suppress her inquisitiveness, he would have badly perturbed her.

If it was Zhou Shuang, she would definitely kick up a fuss until he revealed the truth.

Zhou Shuang, who was seated across Xuxu, heard her name being called. So she raised her head in annoyance and snapped, “Hey, hey, hey, why am I caught in your crossfire? Why are you talking about me? What about me?”

She had now become the butt of their criticism.

Xuxu waved her hand at Zhou Shuang and said, “Nothing concerns you. Just carry on eating.”

“Hateful.” Zhou Shuang rolled her eyes at Xuxu before continuing with her dinner.

She and Su Yue were fighting over the plate of braised pork ribs.

Xuxu leaned towards Yan Rusheng again and whispered, “Why did Secretary Liu want to harm me?”