Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 748

Chapter 748 A Good Wife And A Loving Mother

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Yan Rusheng curiously looked at Xuxu. “How could you tell?”

Xuxu raised her eyebrows and asked a question in return. “Otherwise, how would he know that it’s you?”

“Smart!” Yan Rusheng lowered his head and planted a kiss on Xuxu’s forehead. “I might need to go out for a while tonight. Sleep early with Su Yue.”

Xuxu nodded and hummed in agreement, she then instructed him, “You better go back early tonight. First Aunt might be unhappy.”

Yan Rusheng smiled and responded, “Okay.”

“Third sister-in-law, I have a question which I don’t know how to do.”

Su Yue suddenly shouted.

“Coming,” Xuxu responded before getting up and walked over. “Which subject is it?”

She walked over to Su Yue and looked at the mock paper she was doing before raising an eyebrow. “Oh, it’s chemistry again.”

Her chemistry results were average since middle school.

Hearing this, Lu Yinan—who was still seated at the sofa—crossed his legs and smiled. He said, “For chemistry, you should approach Uncle Ming as he’s the No.1 student in our class. Your Third sister-in-law is not omnipotent.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ming Ansheng walked past him towards Su Yue.

Xuxu gave up her space for him. “Can you please teach her? This girl is just like me, a fast learner in anything except chemistry.”

After that, she turned around and walked back to Yan Rusheng.

Ming Ansheng pulled a stool over and sat next to Su Yue. He studied the questions in her mock paper and smiled. “Little lass, who taught you all these?”

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ve only got three questions correct,” Ming Ansheng said, “It’s not considered wrong, but still not completely correct.”

Ming Ansheng propped a free hand on his cheek while the other pointed to the questions in the exam paper. He then thoroughly explained the equation to Su Yue.

His tone was gentle and full of patience.

In the meantime, Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu brought the cutleries back to the kitchen. Xuxu took the apron from the kitchen entrance and was preparing to put it on.

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng stretched out his hand and snatched the apron over from her. “I’ll do the washing.”

Xuxu was smiling with happiness and bliss. “Hey, I’m only washing some bowls. Don’t be too exaggerated, Yan Rusheng.”

Hearing her childlike tone, Yan Rusheng felt a lump in his throat, and so he stretched out his hand to wrap it around her waist. He lowered his gaze at her and gave an ambiguous smile. “If you’re worried that I’ll be exhausted, then give me some strength.”

After saying that, he lowered his head further and kissed her lips, playfully nibbling them and longing for more.

Xuxu pressed her hands against his chest to resist, but as he was becoming increasingly skillful at it, she caved in after a brief hesitation.

She gradually surrendered to him after he had stirred her.

There was an ambiguous smile in Yan Rusheng’s eyes—there were traces of mixed affection. He turned and pressed Xuxu against the wall, trapping her at the corner.

Finally, the anger that brooded in him earlier on when Senior Official Mu’s call disrupted their passionate kiss earlier, it had dissipated.

But when the situation got more heated and intense, even when it had gone out of control, would it really be able to resolve a person’s hatred?

Of course… it won’t.

“Hey, wash your bowls.” Xuxu suddenly snapped out of it. She then shoved Yan Rusheng away, glaring at him coquettishly as she panted.

Yan Rusheng felt the urge to continue as he’d already endured a two months’ abstinence.

After staring at him fiercely, Xuxu ignored him and walked to the basin and turned on the tap.

Yan Rusheng didn’t stop her this time. Instead, he watched her from behind. Seeing her fair and slender hands covered with soapy bubbles as she held the bowls, and seeing the side-profile of her flawless face, the words ‘good wife and loving mother’ propped in his mind.