Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Ill Have To Resort To Violence

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She was his wife and the mother of their future kids—his haughty childhood sweetheart.

What he was feeling was too fabulously beautiful. At the spur of that moment, Yan Rusheng couldn’t control his eagerness and strode towards Xuxu. He held on to her soapy hands and whispered into her ears, “Wife, let’s wash together.”

Two pairs of hands—the bigger pair wrapped over the smaller pair. Right from the beginning, they were meant to accompany each other hand in hand, shouldering the demands of life together.

Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were washing the cutleries in the kitchen while Ming Ansheng was coaching Su Yue in her schoolwork at the balcony.

Lu Yinan and Zhou Shuang were each seated at one corner of the sofa watching TV, keeping a distance from each other.

During a commercial break, Lu Yinan averted his gaze from the TV and looked towards the balcony. Ming Ansheng was drafting out something for Su Yue while explaining to her at the same time. He was serious and focused.

Lu Yinan shook his head in great pity. “It’s really a huge loss to the teaching industry that Ming Ansheng didn’t become a teacher.”

Zhou Shuang, who was sitting opposite to him, immediately took the chance to taunt him. “So now, do you feel you’re worthless?”

The look on Young Master Lu’s face changed. He shot a disdainful glare at the woman across from him, and he smiled cynically at her. “Hooligan, are you referring to yourself?”

Zhou Shuang responded with a cold smile. “I’m a woman.”

Lu Yinan moved his gaze down her body and stopped short at her chest area. His lips curled into a contemptuous smile. “I really can’t tell.”

“You gay!” After all, Zhou Shuang was a woman, and his mock embarrassed her. With jokes, she couldn’t take it in her stride and this group of young masters. She seethingly glared at Lu Yinan. With nowhere else to vent her anger, she took the remote control and switched channels.

Seeing her reacting in such a manner, Lu Yinan furrowed his eyebrows and yelled at her in dissatisfaction. “Female thug, what are you trying to do?”

Zhou Shuang ignored him and continued switching channels. It was until she found a reality show that she stopped.

She held on to the remote control, refusing to let go.

Zhou Shuang had switched the channel while Lu Yinan was in the midst of watching his favorite military documentary program, and so he couldn’t take it lying down.

“Give me back the remote control.” He got up and walked over to Zhou Shuang and attempted to snatch it over.

Zhou Shuang refused to return it to him, and so she tucked the remote control inside her bosom. “Come and snatch it if you dare.”

“My pair of hands had caressed countless breasts, but have yet to come into contact with an airport runway.” Lu Yinan gritted his teeth and there was a wicked gleam in his eyes.

After that, he stuck out his hands into Zhou Shuang’s chest to retrieve the remote control.

“Ahhh!” Zhou Shuang shouted at the top of her lungs and gripped the remote control tightly. “Lu Yinan, you’re a scum. Let go of your hands.”

Lu Yinan held on to the remote control and refused to let go. “Give me back the remote control or else I’ll have to resort to violence.”

“Stinky hooligan.” Zhou Shuang suddenly looked up and made threatening gestures at Lu Yinan like a lioness would do if she had gone berserk. She pounced on him with all her might and crushed him down onto the sofa.

With her quick reflexes, she sat on his body.

She looked down at him in a lofty manner.

At this instance, she curled her lips smugly, feeling pleased with herself. “Sissy Lu, do you concede defeat?”

She had the air of a notorious bandit queen.

Young Master Lu’s once fair and charming face immediately turned red, and the redness spread down to his neck. He glared at her furiously and yelled, “Hooligan, look where you’re sitting on.”

Zhou Shuang suddenly realized that her sitting position seemed a little…

Her face also turned red from embarrassment.

Their loud actions disturbed Su Yue and Ming Ansheng.

Su Yue opened her mouth and stared blankly at Zhou Shuang and Lu Yinan in wonder and in shock.