Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 750

Chapter 750 You Possess The Looks Of A Gay

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Ming Ansheng took a glance at Su Yue. He then diverted his gaze to the people at the sofa before snapping out of his trance. At Lu Yinan and Zhou Shuang, he yelled, “Enough, the two of you. You’ve been squabbling since earlier. Can you please stop?”

These two people were simply outrageous, and he regretted inviting Lu Yinan over for dinner. Both of them were behaving like arch-enemies.

Zhou Shuang felt embarrassed and momentarily, she couldn’t find other words to say. After hearing Ming Ansheng’s voice, she straightened up and got down from Lu Yinan’s body before looking at Ming Ansheng. “This man is too much of a low class to keep haggling with a woman.”

After she had finished speaking, she seemed to have recalled something. A condescending expression flashed across her eyes. “Oh yes, he isn’t a real man.”

Lu Yinan stood up and made use of his towering figure to look down at Zhou Shuang with contempt in his eyes. “Zhou Shuang, if only you were prettier and had a better figure, I would definitely prove to you with action that I’m indeed a man.”

Zhou Shuang responded with a cold smile.




She raised her feet and walked towards the main door.

Her footsteps were unperturbed, but she was feeling disturbed in her heart. She had sat on that fellow’s area earlier and could feel his…


‘Cough, cough.’


It was downright embarrassing.

Zhou Shuang’s face turned redder as she walked.

When she walked past the kitchen, the door opened and Xuxu happened to walk out.

Seeing Zhou Shuang gritting her teeth in anger it had her curious. She asked, “Zhou Shuang, what’s wrong with you? What happened just now?”

She had heard the commotion from the kitchen and immediately ran out to have a look.

Zhou Shuang knitted her eyebrows and gloomily said, “I’m going home.”

She strode to the door with huge steps and stretched out her hand to open the door.

“Shuang!” Xuxu yelled at Zhou Shuang as she pointed to her body. With amusement in her tone of voice, she asked, “Are you going back in this manner?”

Zhou Shuang looked at herself. She wasn’t properly dressed and didn’t have her shoes nor handbag with her.

What an embarrassing sight!

She replied with an




and hurriedly turned back to put on her clothes and took her bag. Before she left, she even indignantly glared at Lu Yinan.

She couldn’t possibly lose to this pretentious scum.

“I’m making a move. Bye, bye,” bade Zhou Shuang at Xuxu. She went to the door and left.

After hearing the door slam, Xuxu turned back and smiled at Yan Rusheng as she said, “Back then, our teacher was right to say that she’s an energetic lass.”




Young Master Yan arrogantly snorted and strode towards the sofa.

She’s obviously a female thug with no moral principles, who particularly enjoyed turning people’s lives upside down.

“Ansheng, let’s go,” Yan Rusheng called out to Ming Ansheng, and he cast a look at Lu Yinan at the same time. He took his coat and draped it over his arm.

It stunned Lu Yinan for a moment. “Where are we going?”

Without giving Yan Rusheng a chance to respond, he gleefully continued, “Are we going for a drink? Come, let’s go. It’s been some time since we had a drink together.”

He stood up as he spoke and took his jacket before walking over to Yan Rusheng.

“I’m leaving, so there’s no reason for you to remain here either.” Yan Rusheng rolled his eyes at him. “And you’re still in the mood for a drink after being taken advantage of by a woman? Useless bum.”

He was mocking him outrightly.

Lu Yinan was speechless.

Ming Ansheng walked towards them and stretched out his hand and patted Young Master Lu’s shoulders. ”




You possess the obvious looks and traits of a gay person.”

After that, all of them broke into a good laugh.

Only Lu Yinan was left gnashing his teeth. That female hooligan now tarnished his legendary reputation.