Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 751

Chapter 751 It Wont Help At All


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The next time he would see Zhou Shuang, he would make sure she would pay for her words, Lu Yinan thought to himself. He was seething in ager.

“Go home early, First Aunt is alone at home,” reminded Xuxu once more as she sent Yan Rusheng out of the door.

Yan Rusheng nodded and the three men entered the elevator. Only then did Xuxu close the door.

“Where are both of you going to?”

Lu Yinan asked Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng when they exited the lift.

Ming Ansheng solemnly looked at him. “To meet your master.”

Lu Yinan glared. “Scram!”

Ming Ansheng still looked as though he was being serious. “I’m really going to meet your master. Don’t you believe me?”

Yan Rusheng was standing beside Lu Yinan, and he seemed to jerk slightly. Lu Yinan noticed him, and so he immediately clenched his fist and punched Ming Ansheng. “Go do whatever you’re supposed to do. I’m going home to sleep.”

Ming Ansheng finally broke in a smile and continued to tease him. “Zhou Shuang obviously defeated you.”

Lu Yinan waved his hand in dismissal, and then he went towards his car.

As they watched as Lu Yinan drove away, and Ming Ansheng smiled at Yan Rusheng. “That guy is too pure.”

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips and nodded in agreement.

So, it’s not advisable to embroil him in such a complicated matter.

“What did Qingteng say?” spoke Ming Ansheng as he wiped away the smile on his face.

Yan Rusheng gave a profound and mysterious smile. “This huge gift is in batches and it will be slowly dispatched.”

Ming Ansheng took a deep breath. “Just as I’ve expected. Liu Changfu had involved too many people.”

“So what?” Yan Rusheng coldly snorted and walked towards his car.

This person had harmed the person he loved and had openly provoked him. He will never take it lying down.

Ever since the scandal broke out, Liu Changfu had been jittery and anxious. He paced back and forth in his study.

“It must be Yan Rusheng.”

He was livid and anxious, but there wasn’t anything he could do.

Fang Jiayin sat on the sofa and watched him with a thought-provoking smile.

Liu Changfu suddenly turned towards her and she wiped the smile off her face. She said, “He already had evidence against you before this. If not, why would he disregard you countless times?”

Liu Changfu angrily glared at her. “He must have found out that I had the intention of bailing those hooligans out. I’m in trouble because of you.”

In a nutshell, he had underestimated Yan Rusheng’s intelligence and capability. He was way more shrewd and sharp than he had imagined.

Fang Jiayin casually said, “Uncle, since he had all the pieces of evidence, it would mean that he had the thought of using them against you. Bailing out those hooligans was what merely triggered him.”

She rose and walked to Liu Changfu and put her hand around his. She continued, “The most important thing now is to get him on your side and make sure he doesn’t blabber and make his next move.”

“Hmph!” Liu Changfu sneered coldly. “That sounds easy. What do you propose? He might already have guessed that you were the mastermind behind those incidents.”

Actually, Fang Jiayin was right. Yan Rusheng indeed held evidence against him and was planning to use them against him sooner or later.

But if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have clashed with Yan Rusheng at such a crucial point of time.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He flung Fang Jiayin’s hand away and stomped to his desk. He gulped down a glass of water.

Seeing that Liu Changfu didn’t seem to listen to what she had to say, and he even had the intention of pushing the blame to her, a fleeting streak of coldness flashed across Fang Jiayin’s eyes. She said, “We’re on the same boat now, and if we push the blame to each other, it won’t help at all.”