Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 752

Chapter 752 She Was An Ingrate

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Liu Changfu raised his voice. “So should I wait for the authorities to apprehend me? Should I go to jail?”

In a gentler voice, Fang Jiayin spoke, “So you need to listen to me.”

Liu Changfu seemed to have heard a joke. “Listen to you? Why should I?”

Although Fang Jiayin had become less aggressive, the coldness in her eyes remained. “Only I can save you.”

She stood up straight, looking completely confident.

Liu Changfu scoffed, “Sounds like you really can do it.”

If Yan Rusheng really had the evidence of his crimes, even God wouldn’t be able to save him.

Fang Jiayin said, “You just need to say that you had instigated those hooligans and make sure I’m not being suspected. If Yan Rusheng isn’t cautious towards me, I will have the chance to save you.”

Liu Changfu sneered. “I’ve lived for nearly sixty years, do you take me as a fool?”

Fang Jiayin had expected that Liu Changfu wouldn’t believe her. With no urgency in her voice, she said, “I have a trump card against him.”

Liu Changfu obviously didn’t take her word seriously. “I want to know what your trump card is.”

“Flourish & Prosper’s coastal county project person-in-charge, Wang Bin.” Fang Jiayin’s mouth split into a devious smile.

Liu Changfu narrowed his eyes in suspicion. “What does that have to do with me and you?”

Fang Jiayin lazily replied, “You are still unaware that someone had deliberately planned to destroy Flourish & Prosper’s outstanding reputation for decades.”

“Who?” Fang Jiayin’s claims piqued Liu Changfu’s interest, and he felt more emboldened.

Fang Jiayin proclaimed, “Yan Weiye’s second son, Yan Runan!”

“How did you find out?” Liu Changfu was still suspicious of her claims.

Fang Jiayin stared at him in contempt. She pompously said, “Uncle, didn’t you say you’ve lived for nearly sixty years? To put it bluntly, you’ve lost to me even though I’m so young. I already know how to deal with Yan Rusheng. He intends to protect Yan Runan, if not why didn’t they reveal the mastermind behind the coastal county project?”

She paused and lifted an eyebrow. “And, who do you think arranged for those high school girls to enter his room?”

“It was you?” Liu Changfu surveyed the girl with a look of doubt.

He felt that he didn’t quite know her the more he looked at her. She had always been an obedient and refined niece.

First, she was accused of breaking up someone else’s marriage, and then she was exposed that in her bid to marry into a wealthy family, she had drugged her boyfriend.

Fang Jiayin neither shook nor nodded her head, but she gave a mysterious and devious smile.

It etched shock and disbelief on Liu Changfu’s face.

Fang Jiayin repeated. “Hence why I said I could save you.”

“Really?” Her words had already swayed Liu Changfu. “How confident are you?”

Fang Jiayin didn’t hesitate and answered, “As long as you do what I say, I will make sure you’re safe. At most, you will just spend a few days at the police station.”

“But if you lie to me…”

Fang Jiayin interrupted Liu Changfu. “Uncle, do you have any other options right now?”

There was a triumphant and smug look on her face, and Liu Changfu detested it. With his teeth gritted, he said, “I’ve indeed underestimated you. You were once the girl who had begged me for help so that you could go overseas to study. You even knelt down and promised to do anything for me once you returned. You’ve really changed.”

He sounded regretful and disappointed.

She was an ingrate.