Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Helpless And Suffered Alone

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Fang Jiayin heard Liu Changfu and her face instantly fell. There was a flash of hatred and incredibly, fear suddenly filled Liu Changfu. He hurriedly changed the topic. “Then you should tell me your plan.”

Fang Jiayin inched towards Liu Changfu and whispered in his ears.

It was late at night and it was quiet outside The First Wealth. The signboard was still brilliantly flashing.

Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng chatted with each other as they walked out of the exit.

Suddenly, a woman loomed from the darkness and walked towards them.

Yan Rusheng’s face sank. He frostily eyed the frail-looking woman.

“Ahh… President Yan.”

Fang Jiayin was wearing a white dress with a dark red cropped jacket—her dewy eyes fixed intently on Yan Rusheng.

Her beautiful, perfect face was alluring under the shimmering lights.

But the two men seemed impassive as they remained unperturbed by her beauty. Yan Rusheng especially, for he looked exceedingly aloof.

“Miss Fang, what brings you here?”

From the way he had phrased his words, he had intentionally distanced away from her. He didn’t even try to conceal the loathing and disgust in his tone.

Fang Jiayin nervously grabbed the handle of her bag. She then glanced at Ming Ansheng. She couldn’t bring herself to utter a word.

Yan Rusheng didn’t feel like talking to her and looked as though he was about to leave. Fang Jiayin suddenly called out, “Ah Sheng… can I talk to you in private?”

“Miss Fang, I’ve reminded you umpteen times to address me as President Yan or Mr. Yan.” Yan Rusheng looked distant and cold, the loathing in his eyes deepened. “Furthermore, Young Master Ming isn’t an outsider, he knows everything about me.”

Fang Jiayin bit her lips and nodded before speaking up. “Then… can we speak somewhere else?”

Yan Rusheng didn’t immediately respond to Fang Jiayin. Instead, he eyed Ming Ansheng and both of their eyes met. A shrewd smile appeared on his face.

Yan Rusheng nodded slowly. “Yes.”

There was a 24-hour cafe nearby, and they sat at a corner table.

They had a glass of water each.

Yan Rusheng crossed his legs as he settled himself comfortably against the couch. He gazed at Fang Jiayin, waiting for her to speak.

Fang Jiayin held her glass and after a while, she spoke, “My uncle said… that you were the one who reported him. Is it true?”

Yan Rusheng chuckled coldly. “Miss Fang, are you interrogating me? So what if it’s true? So what if it’s not true?”

Fang Jiayin fervently shook her head. “No, no. I don’t mean it that way.”

She cast a swift glance at Ming Ansheng who was sitting beside Yan Rusheng. Ming Ansheng had a thought-provoking smile which also carried a hint of mocking.

She tightly clenched the glass as she tried to suppress her burgeoning self-esteem. She feigned her usual frail and fragile demeanor. She said, “I really did nothing to you four years ago. Someone is obviously trying to frame me. We were dating at that time, and I had no reason to do that.” Her voice sounded as if she was about to tear up.

Yan Rusheng coldly sneered. “So, are you trying to imply that it was you who spent the night with me?”

Behind his cold smile was an insane urge to rush towards her and strangle her on the spot.

If this woman didn’t pretend to be Xuxu and caused him to have the wrong idea, why would Xuxu suffer so much?

He wouldn’t be able to atone for his sins in this lifetime.

She was pregnant, suffered a miscarriage, and she was helpless and suffered alone.