Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Regardless Of Who

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Every time he recalled what the doctor had said, Yan Rusheng’s insides seemed to twist painfully. What could he do to erase the sufferings that Xuxu endured?

She was always by his side and yet, he had treated another woman as her.

He knew he was foolish, but the damned woman sitting across him deserved a more painful death.

Fang Jiayin bowed her head as her words seemed choked. “I know you wouldn’t believe me no matter what I say right now. But I really didn’t do it. You don’t have to love me, but you have to believe me. From our university days until now, I’ve spent…”

Her words trailed off and she concluded after a moment. “My entire youth.”

A subtle hint of bitterness and fury could be heard from her voice.

Yan Rusheng was beyond sarcastic as he remarked, “Countless women like you have fantasies about me, and they could surround the entire capital city. Do I have to care about every individual woman?”

Ming Ansheng thought to himself, “Third Yan indeed lived up to his reputation of having a mean tongue.”

He doesn’t even have to look at Fang Jiayin’s face, and he could already visualize her expression. It would be exceedingly gratifying to witness how she looked at that moment.

Fang Jiayin’s glass was about to shatter to pieces because of the pressure she had exerted on it. She turned red before turning pale.

She bent her head and readjusted herself. She looked up with her usual pitiful expression. “Regarding my uncle’s matter, can you please stop whatever you’re doing?”

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow. “Miss Fang, don’t you know that I’m well-known for being excessively protective towards my loved ones? He had someone to harm my wife and didn’t succeed. Now, he had tried to get my sister. How many lives does he think that he has?”

Without waiting for Fang Jiayin to reply, he coldly sneered, “But such foolish incidents doesn’t seem like what the capital city’s committee secretary would do. If he could attain this post as committee secretary with such a pathetic brain, then I… should be drunk.”

He finished and nonchalantly stared into Fang Jiayin’s sparkling eyes. His smile deepened with coldness and mystery.

Fang Jiayin’s heart gave an involuntary shudder out of guilt, and she tried to recompose herself. “Ah Sheng, I know that my uncle has done something wrong. But can you please let him off the hook this time?”

Yan Rusheng seemed to have heard a hilarious joke that his gorgeous face lit up with a sarcastic smile. “Miss Fang, you must be joking.”

He wondered how she garnered such courage to beg him.

But she couldn’t be that stupid to think that just because they were in a relationship before, she could ask him for a favor or tap on his guilt.

Although it was really unexpected for her to visit him.

But he couldn’t be quite sure that she had no idea that the person who had exposed the dirty trick she had pulled four years ago was him.

A dangerous gleam shone in his eyes as he sharply glared at Fang Jiayin. “Miss Fang, you must remember that I, Yan Rusheng, will protect my loved ones fiercely. You’ve known me since before, so you should have witnessed that whoever dared to touch Wen Xuxu would never able to escape unscathed—regardless of who!”

‘Whoever who dared to touch Wen Xuxu would never be able to escape unscathed. Regardless of who…’

So he really knew? But why didn’t he directly come after her?

As she mulled over the recent incidents, it mystified Fan Jiayin. All of a sudden she realized something and her eyes narrowed with a frown. At the same time, something had viciously tugged at her heart.

He knew the truth and he hated her. He wanted to slowly torture her and humiliate her until she could never raise her head high up again.

This was what Yan Rusheng would do!