Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Must Have Been Infected By Zhou Shuang

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Jiang Qinglian looked down and didn’t continue speaking. A mixture of complicated emotions flashed past her pair of shrewd-looking eyes.

‘Rather be proactive than be passive.’

It made sense, but if he made the first move, would he receive a pardon? What would Runan’s fate be in the end?

“First Madam, Third Young Master, here’s today’s papers.”

As usual, the butler would deliver the newspapers to the dining room every morning.

Yan Rusheng would read through all the major newspapers in the capital city each morning.

The butler left after putting down the newspapers.

Yan Rusheng took the first set which was the financial times, and it was reporting about the current stock market situation as usual.

Conversely, matters about Yan Runan bothered Jiang Qinglian, and she didn’t have the mood to read the papers.

After reading through the financial times, Yan Rusheng reached for the second set while holding a sandwich in his other hand. He continued reading intently.

When he flipped to the entertainment news and saw the headlines, the corners of his lips coldly curled up.

Early in the morning, the incessant ringing of her phone awakened Xuxu, who was still fast asleep.

She retrieved her phone from the bedside drawer and glanced at the name shown on the caller display. She then frowned.

Zhou Shuang… doesn’t this fellow sleep? She’s fond of waking her up early in the morning.

Annoyed, she answered the call. “Zhou Shuang, why do you keep calling me early in the morning? Have you gone nuts again?”

She felt like bashing her up. When she didn’t pick up her call the first time, she just kept calling repeatedly.

Zhou Shuang ignored her sarcastic remarks and sounded agitated over the phone. “Oh my God, why is there such a wretched person like Fang Jiayin in this world?”

Fang Jiayin…

Hearing this name, Xuxu deeply frowned. “Can you please say something nice for me to hear early in the morning?”

Didn’t she know that she was feeling exceptionally repulsive towards that person?

“Won’t you love to hear this?” Zhou Shuang sounded startled over the phone, and she felt indignant. “Fang Jiayin hit the headlines again. This violinist always appears in the news headline, and I’ve yet to get my chances. Our country should really publish a newspaper to showcase a list of proscribed people so that such scandalous news could appear there instead.”

Initially, Xuxu was fuming mad because she was being awakened from her sleep. But after hearing from Zhou Shuang, she couldn’t help but laugh and added, “If you run around naked on the road and hug whichever handsome chap, perhaps you’ll make it to the headlines too. You’ve also made a good suggestion. Since you’re so free, you can consider publishing such a blacklist newspaper. It’ll definitely be well-received.”

At times, she really admired Zhou Shuang’s creative mind.

“You’re a bad friend,” Zhou Shuang chided her disapprovingly. “I’m sharing my joy with you, and yet you treat me in this manner.”

Xuxu laughed. “Then I should thank you. Thank you for waking me up early in the morning with my love rival’s name.”

After a while on the phone, she no longer felt sleepy. She shifted her body and leaned against the headboard.

Zhou Shuang further quipped, “I’ll go over to your place to eat later.”

“I won’t be at my apartment today. I’ll be going home later.” After that, Xuxu ended the call.

Fang Jiayin appeared in the headlines again? And it’s a scandal?

She eagerly launched the internet browser with trembling hands.

She despised herself for being so narrow-minded at times. Upon hearing that her love rival was entangled in another scandal, she actually felt excited.

Tsk . Zhou Shuang must have infected her.