Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Not Leave You In Peace

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The first ray of the morning sun shone right through the window and it livened up the atmosphere.

Xuxu looked out of the window and peered down. The trees in the neighborhood were blooming with green luscious leaves. The corners of her mouth subconsciously curled into a smile. Just when she was about to raise her hands to stretch herself, she suddenly recalled Yan Rusheng’s words, reminding her not to stretch herself while she’s pregnant. So, she immediately put down her hands.

She turned around and walked out of her room.

As Su Yue insisted on remaining in the apartment by herself, Xuxu let her have her way. Since she would be at an outdoor shoot for the entire day, she won’t be able to watch over Su Yue. Hence, before she left home, she called her grandfather and informed Qi Lei to go over to her apartment to check on her whenever he was free.

This was mainly because the wound on her leg caused her difficulties in her movement. Furthermore, she was worried about leaving a recluse like her, alone in the apartment.

The office was in a state of mess, and wisps of smoke pervaded the air. There was a cigarette in between a woman’s fingers which was short enough to burn her. The indescribable gloominess on her face resembled an overcast sky before a terrible storm. It caused people wanting to avoid her gaze.

The female assistant opened the door and stood at the entrance. “Miss Fang, Huayu requested to terminate the contract.”

Fang Jiayin gestured to her and coldly instructed, “Got it. Don’t bother me again unless it’s necessary.”

“Noted.” The female assistant nodded in response and didn’t dare to linger any further. She swiftly left the room and closed the door after her.

Fang Jiayin took another deep puff of her cigarette, but since she’s not an experienced smoker, the smoke went into her throat and choked her, causing her to have a coughing fit.

She threw the cigarette butt into the ash-filled ashtray and held up the newspapers before her. As she went through the headlines, her face turned even more somber.

She gritted her teeth in anger, and there was a gleam of coldness in her eyes.

“Yan Rusheng, since you’re being so mean, even if I were to die, I’ll make sure that there’s no peace between you and Wen Xuxu before I die,” she thought.

She reached for a cellphone, which she seldom used, and dialed a number before placing it to her ear. “How? Have you traced her whereabouts?”

“Ok, I got it.”

She nodded in response and stood up at the same time. She took her handbag and walked to the clothes stand to retrieve her coat and cap before leaving her office in a huff.

Fang Jiayin put on her cap and a surgical mask as she walked. She didn’t go for a drive, instead hailed a taxi by the roadside. She managed to dodge the media who were waiting in an ambush at the main entrance.

The moment she boarded the taxi, her cellphone rang. A trance of hatred filled her eyes as she looked at the caller display.

She canceled the call instead of answering. She immediately sent a message to the caller instead. ‘Outside now. Not convenient to answer the phone. I believe you’re capable of persuading your wife to help you. After all, you have a son who’s taking his college entrance exam soon’.

After sending out the message, she turned off her phone.

She removed her cap and tied up her hair before putting on it on again. With her hair tied up, she looked like a completely different person.

Since she’d been wearing the cap and surgical mask since she boarded the taxi, the driver kept gawking at her from the rear mirror.

When Fang Jiayin realized this, she kept her head lowered.

The airport in the capital city wasn’t as busy in April. After Fang Jiayin got off from the taxi, she adjusted her clothes before striding towards the departure hall.

She walked past several security checks counter and finally saw the person she was looking for. Behind the sunglasses, a trace of coldness shot across her eyes.

“Madam Yan.”

Jiang Qinglian was dragging her luggage towards the security check counter when someone grabbed her arm suddenly. She turned and looked puzzled at the woman who was grabbing her.