Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 761

Chapter 761 Any Sum That You Want

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Although Jiang Qinglian knew that Fang Jiayin was obviously trying to drive a wedge between her and Yan Rusheng and to use it to her advantage, her words still seemed to affect her on a subconscious level.

It had never crossed her mind that Wen Xuxu would be so nice to Su Yue and even gotten so close to Su Yan to an extent that she would work for him.

“Xuxu, have you forgotten how I have treated you ever since you entered the family,”Jiang Qinglian thought to herself.

Fang Jiayin curled her lips in satisfaction and nodded smugly. “Madam Yan is truly kind and magnanimous. It’s indeed admirable. Please have a safe journey back. By afternoon, you’ll probably receive news of how your precious son had fabricated the entire scandal that took away four lives. This matter affected Flourish & Prosper’s reputation, so I wonder what kind of punishment he will receive? Your grandson is about to arrive, and it’s a pity he will have a father who is in prison”

Every word sharply pierced through Jiang Qinglian’s heart and all her worries seemed to convene. Herunborn grandson, her precious son... what would happen to them?

She took a deep breath and glared bitterly at Fang Jiayin. “What do you want?”

Fang Jiayin continued speaking in a casual tone which made her even angrier. “Nothing much. Yan Rusheng treated me so callously, but I’m no pushover so I won’t take it lying down. Since both families are getting along so well, I shall attack the second master of the Yan family to serve as a warning.”

She sipped her coffee with grace and refinement.

Her beautiful face seemed so cold-blooded, foul, and even hateful.

Jiang Qinglian furiously gnashed her teeth. “You!”

But she had nothing to retort for she knew that Fang Jiayin wasn’t bluffing her. Since the latter knew of the truth behind the coastal county project and even the existence of Wang Bin, she must have figured out everything.

Even if she doesn’t know Wang Bin, she could still report to the police the facts she knew.

They only had two options right now; the first option was for Runan to surrender himself. Second, they could find Wang Bin and seal his mouth and quickly find connections to end the case with the authorities.

She couldn’t let anyone report to the police. Just like what Third Yan had said, they should be proactive instead of being passive.

Fang Jiayin’s voice drawled lazily while Jiang Qinglian’s thoughts whirled rapidly. “Actually, there are only a few who knows the truth behind the scandal. The only witness is Wang Bin, and he kept this secret even from his family. But I still found out by accident.”

Jiang Qinglian immediately spoke. “I can give you money. Any sum you want.”

But it was clear that Fang Jiayin’s motive wasn’t money.

“Money?” Fang Jiayin failed to conceal the smirk on her face and looked as though she had heard a funny joke. “Madam Yan, do you really think I’m doing this for money? Why would I need money right now?”

Jiang Qinglian pressed her lips and didn’t dare to ask what Fang Jiayin was up to.

She knew that Fang Jiayin must have wanted something from her and it would be difficult. And it would force her to do so under such circumstances.

Silence fell for a while before Fang Jiayin spoke. “It’s simple. Just put this into Wen Xuxu’s food or drink and I’ll help you seal Wen Xuxu’s mouth forever. No one in this world could prove that your son was the mastermind.”

She took out a small medicine case and there was a white pill inside.

It stunned Jiang Qinglian as she eyed the medicine with wariness. “What’s what’s that?”