Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 762

Chapter 762 Really Furious

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Fang Jiayin eyed the medicine case and flashed a cold smile. “Let’s use Wen Xuxu’s unborn child in exchange for Second Young Master’s freedom. I think this would be a worthy exchange.”

She tightly clenched on the medicine case, hatred was all over her face.

Jiang Qinglian’s eyes widened in shock. “You want me to harm Xuxu’s child?!”

No, she could never do that and she wouldn’t.

Fang Jiayin knew that Jiang Qinglian wouldn’t initially agree, so she smiled. “They can always have another child, and I just want to vent my anger right now.”

She continued, “If it wasn’t for Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu, I wouldn’t have to make such a thorough investigation of Flourish & Prosper’s project. And I certainly wouldn’t have known it was your son who had planned the downfall of Flourish & Prosper.”

So she was trying to blame Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. She knew the truth because of them.

Jiang Qinglian shook her head. “No matter what you say, I can never do that.”

She repeatedly told herself that Fang Jiayin’s words must not affect her. She was too scheming and vicious.

Fang Jiayin shrugged. “Then there is nothing more left to discuss. Please tune in to the news tonight. Yan Rusheng had gotten me on the headlines every other day, this will be a gift to him.”

She rose and walked gracefully towards the door. As she strode past Jiang Qinglian, she glanced at her. “You’ve sacrificed so much for the Yan family, what did you get? Your husband’s betrayal, his mistress’ children entering the family and they even have such remarkable achievements.”

Her words stabbed her like a sword, right through Jiang Qinglian.

She inhaled sharply and narrowed her eyes at Fang Jiayin. “Are you sure you can seal Wang Bin’s mouth?”

Fang Jiayin curled her lips into a confident smile. “I promise you, as long as you do what I say.”

“Aunt Zhang, where is First Aunt?”

Xuxu reached home and combed the entire house but didn’t see Jiang Qinglian anywhere. She glimpsed Aunt Zhang downstairs and hurried towards her.

Aunt Zhang replied, “First Madam left for C city after breakfast this morning.”

It startled Xuxu. “She went back?!”

“Yeah.” Aunt Zhang nodded. “She should be at the airport by now.”

“Why would she leave so soon?” It perplexed Xuxu as First Aunt didn’t even inform her. Seems like she was really furious that she didn’t come home with Su Yue yesterday.

She hastily dialed Jiang Qinglian’s number.

The line went through after a short while, and Jiang Qinglian answered, “Xuxu.”

Xuxu anxiously asked, “First Aunt, why did you go back so soon? You should have informed me, I can send you there.”

She felt sorry towards First Aunt.

She hardly made a trip back home, and I left her alone. Furthermore, this was such a tough period for her.

Jiang Qinglian responded in a soft tone. “Xuxu, I originally prepared to leave today, but I couldn’t bear to leave you so soon. We haven’t had a good chat this time around because of your Second Brother. So I’ve decided that I’m going to stay and leave a few days later.”

“That’s great!” Xuxu beamed. “Then let’s have a feast tonight. It has been some time since we dined out.”


“I’ll go to work now and come back early tonight.”


Xuxu hung up, feeling cheerful and dialed Yan Rusheng’s number.