Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Sister Xuxu Dont Worry

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Xuxu spoke as she walked. “Tonight let’s bring First Aunt out for a meal. Do you want to choose a restaurant or I decide? We need to choose a superb one.”

“Of course, she stayed behind because of me. She said she would leave a few days later.”

“Alright, see you tonight.”

“Stupid woman, look how happy you sounded.”

Yan Rusheng affectionately looked at his phone before stowing it away.

Qiao Jian walked in and saw his expression. The first thought that came to his mind was, ‘What a love-struck fool. A completely smitten and love-struck fool.’

“President, this parcel is for you.”  ( Boxno vel. co m )

Qiao Jian strode towards Yan Rusheng’s desk and placed it on top.

Yan Rusheng vaguely grunted in response. Qiao Jian turned around to leave when Yan Rusheng called him. “Qiao Jian.”

“President, anything you would like to instruct me?” Qiao Jian promptly answered.

Yan Rusheng replied, “Make a reservation for a private room at Jiangnan River Delta for tonight.”

He needed to seize this opportunity to perform well in front of her so he could completely win her over.

“Noted.” Qiao Jian nodded and smiled. “President, do you need a bouquet?”

Judging from Yan Rusheng’s smitten expression earlier on, Assistant Qiao had a hunch that the reservation at Jiangnan River Delta was for a dinner date with the lady boss.

“Bouquet of flowers?” Yan Rusheng frowned, deep in thought. But tonight, they were eating with First Aunt, so flowers wouldn’t be too appropriate for the occasion.

He waved to dismiss Qiao Jian. “There isn’t a need, you may leave first.”

Qiao Jian bowed and turned around.

Once the door was closed, Yan Rusheng was about to stretch his hand to reach for the parcel when his cell phone rang.

He glanced at the screen and turned solemn right away. He answered, “Hello.”

“President Yan, we have found out that Wang Bin’s grandson had gone missing since last night after school. He was only sent back home at dawn this morning.”

Yan Rusheng narrowed his eyes with a piercing look in his eyes. He deduced that something was amiss and his body instantly became stiff. “Have you found out who abducted him?”

“Not yet. Strange enough, Wang Bin’s family didn’t report this to the police.”

“Got it. Find out who’s behind the kidnapping of Wang Bin’s grandson today.”

He hung up and quickly dialed another number. “Find Wang Bin right away. I foresee that someone already had their attention on the coastal county project and they are conducting investigations in secret.”

After giving some brief instructions, he hung up and dialed Yan Weiye’s number.

“Someone already had their attention on the coastal county project. There is no time for Yan Runan to hesitate any longer. We will still have a way to help him after he confessed to the police,” he spoke, authority was all over his voice.

Yan Weiye heard him and became anxious. He had always trusted Yan Rusheng’s capability.

So he would do whatever Yan Rusheng told him to.

After making the calls, Yan Rusheng placed his phone down and settled himself back on his chair. He tapped his desk with his fingers unconsciously, apparently deep in thought.

From the moment he struck, he knew that a war was inevitable.

Whatever that was supposed to come would come, eventually.

But this mastermind…

“Qi Lei, did you go to my place? Did Su Yue eat lunch?”

After the shoot ended in the afternoon, they went for lunch at a restaurant. Xuxu was worried about Su Yue and gave Qi Lei a call.

Qi Lei smiled as he answered, “I’m here to deliver the food. Sister Xuxu, don’t worry.”

Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief. “Okay, sorry to have troubled you.”