Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 764

Chapter 764 I Should Peel An Apple For You

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“It’s no trouble at all,” answered Qi Lei as he bashfully shook his head. They briefly chatted before ending the call.

He turned around towards the balcony and Su Yue was sitting there. She was eating the lunch he had brought. Even when she ate, she hardly made any sound.

It was afternoon, and the sun was blazing. Although it wasn’t hot, the sunlight was rather blinding. Qi Lei deliberated for a while before walking over to her. “Su Yue, I think you should go to the dining table and have your lunch, it’s too hot here.”

Su Yue had her head bowed and continued to eat her chicken wings as though she couldn’t hear him.

Qi Lei didn’t know her at all and he was rather upset. “This little lass. Ignoring me when I’m talking to you.”

He muttered to himself as he strode across the balcony and sat on Xuxu’s swing chair. He folded his arms as he lightly rocked back and forth, and at the same time, he watched Su Yue with intent.

Su Yue ate none of the rice. Instead, she was devouring the chicken wings. She ate all five of them.

After eating, she licked her fingers.

Qi Lei noticed her and his mouth momentarily twitched. Should he feel proud? His cooking was fantastic.

His mouth curled upwards in satisfaction and pride.

Su Yue suddenly looked at him. “The chicken wings are really yummy. Do you have more?”

Sauce and chicken grease smeared her mouth, but it didn’t seem too dirty on her clean-looking face. She looked rather adorable, and for the first time in his life, Qi Lei felt helpless.

No wonder Xuxu had reminded him several times to bring her lunch. She was already 18 years old and even if she couldn’t cook, she should be able to order food for herself.

But this young lass doesn’t talk easily to strangers.

He had been learning traditional Chinese medicine from Old Master Wen for three years, and he had read quite a lot of medical books. He had come across Su Yue’s symptoms before.

When she was too focused on something, she would unconsciously ignore or neglect other things she felt was unimportant. She would be too immersed in her own world, even in a noisy or crowded environment.

So, she had never answered him properly ever since he arrived hours ago. She would merely respond with a vague hum.

Now it seemed like she was another person when she asked for more chicken wings.

Qi Lei thought to himself and smiled. “Yes, I’ll get you more.”

He had brought plenty of dishes over for Xuxu to eat in the evening as well.

Qi Lei came out of the kitchen with a plate of chicken wings. He walked past the sofa and took tissues along with him to the balcony.

“Wipe your mouth.” He passed Su Yue some tissues.

Su Yue extended her hand and stared at Qi Lei—it had startled him. She didn’t even blink as she gazed at him in silence.

Qi Lei was a shy person by nature, and he felt awkward when Su Yue stared at him. He blushed.

He frowned and questioned her, “What are you looking at? Your mouth is really dirty.”

Su Yue finally received the tissues and soundlessly dabbed her mouth. She took the plate from him and ate.

Qi Lei pursed his lips helplessly and caught a glimpse of the fruits on the coffee table. He asked, “Do you want fruits? I’ll peel some for you.”

Without waiting for Su Yue to respond, he sighed and muttered, “I should peel an apple for you, just in case Sister Xuxu blames me for not taking good care of you.”

He walked towards the sofa, picked up an apple and saw a knife lying beside the fruits.