Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Do You Know How To Play Card Games?

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“Do you know how to play card games?” Su Yue suddenly turned and stared at Qi Lei with an innocent expression embedded on her face.

Qi Lei momentarily froze before turning towards Su Yue. He lifted his eyebrows and asked apprehensively, “You mean… card games?”

Su Yue nodded. “Yes, the card game where someone gets to be a host.”

“Oh!” Qi Lei understood what she meant. “I know how to play it, but why are you asking me?”

Su Yue grinned. “Let’s play.”

Under the sunlight, she was so tiny that it seemed to have enveloped her entirely. The smile on her exquisite-looking face bloomed like a beautiful and delicate flower.

Her smile had Qi Lei awestruck, it was only when he had blushed that he finally snapped out of his reverie. It was the first time he had ever seen such a beautiful smile on a girl.

He stuttered. “The… card game? But there is only two of us.”

“We can still play.” Su Yue excitedly nodded.

She bent her head and gobbled down the rest of her rice.

Qi Lei was still feeling light-headed as though he was floating in mid-air.

Both of them… could play?

Qi Lei spent an entire afternoon with Su Yue. Since it was just the two of them, they still dealt cards for three players, with Su Yue representing two players.

Qi Lei didn’t know how he had spent the hours, but it felt as though the entire afternoon passed by sleepily.

Su Yue could tell that he wasn’t really invested in the game, and so she brought up an idea. She suggested, “Let’s add stakes.”

Qi Lei’s mouth twitched. “Stakes… What stakes?”

Was she trying to gamble with money?

He didn’t bring any money with him. Even if he did, he wouldn’t gamble with a young girl like her.

“If one of us loses, we remove a layer of clothing,” Su Yue quipped. She pressed her palms against the table and stood up. She limped to Xuxu’s room.

Qi Lei called her with haste. “Hey… Su Yue…”

However, Su Yue ignored him and came out of the room after some time. Numerous layers of clothing covered her, and it made her look bloated. In her arms were more clothing.

Qi Lei’s mouth continuously twitched. “What… are you trying to do?”

Su Yue casually answered, “Your clothes aren’t enough so you need more.”

She walked to Qi Lei and passed him the clothes.


He thought, “Su Yue, don’t you know how expensive your third sister-in-law’s clothes are? Some of them cost a hundred thousand yuan. Is this really a good idea?”

“Aren’t you afraid of arrogant Third Brother?”

Qi Lei stared at the clothing, apparently dumbfounded.

But he knew that a person like Su Yue hardly had anything they like. So, it was quite a surprise that she would be so obsessed with a card game. More so, the penalty was quite perverted, and he thought the game wasn’t particularly interesting. It was rather childish, actually.

He sighed. Sister Xuxu had instructed him to take good care of her, so making her happy should be one of his priorities.

The shooting ended at about half-past six. Xuxu took a taxi to the restaurant. Jiangnan River Delta was a grand and exotic-looking Chinese restaurant which served signature dishes.

The waiters warmly welcomed her the moment they saw her.


Xuxu told the waiters the private room number, and one of them led the way.

She whipped out her phone and was in the midst of dialing Yan Rusheng’s number. She wanted to ask if he had fetched Jiang Qinglian when a call interrupted her.

Ming Ansheng was on the other line, and she stared at his name with a frown. Why would he call her?

She answered, “Hello, Ming Ansheng.”

Ming Ansheng spoke, “Are you at home with Su Yue? I have some Chemistry books for Su Yue and I’m on the way to your place.”

So that was the reason he had called. “I’m not at home, but Su Yue is.”