Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 766

Chapter 766 Ah Heng

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“Alright, I’ll pass it to Su Yue.”

“Sure.” Xuxu readily agreed without thinking. “Bye.”

She ended the call and dialed Yan Rusheng’s number. She followed the waiter up to the stairs to the second level and saw that the whole place was bustling with customers.

It was a lavish and extravagant restaurant. And as expected, all the customers were of wealthy or influential statuses.

The lighting was warm and dim with a rich brown carpet covering the floor. A traditional Jiangnan folk song played in the playground, completing the perfect ambiance.

When she got through Yan Rusheng’s line, a familiar and soothing ballad entered her ears.

‘It’s a pity love isn’t a few drops of tears, neither is it a few love letters….’

The caller ringback tone he had used had dumbfounded Xuxu for a while. She snapped out of her trance a brief moment later.

She grinned to herself. When did that fellow have the interest do such stuff? Didn’t he always regard such trivial stuff with disdain?

He had always grumbled that it was ridiculous, childish and boring.

The song ‘Love letter’ chorus was looped several times, and when he didn’t answer right away, Xuxu almost hung up.

Yan Rusheng’s pleasant voice sounded after a few rings. “Xuxu.”

Xuxu asked, “Have you fetched First Aunt?”

Yan Rusheng quipped, “I’ll be there in a moment.”

“Okay, I’ll wait inside the private room.”

Xuxu hung up as she reached the second level.

They walked through the lobby before making a turn. Then, the waiter led her to a private room and stopped outside.

“Third Madam Yan, this is the room President Yan has reserved.”

Xuxu wasn’t in the least surprised that the waiter had recognized her. She entered the room with the waiter behind her. He served a cup of water before leaving.

Xuxu put her bag down but didn’t sit. She poured the water away and disinfected it with boiling water first before pouring herself another cup. She walked to the windows and peered down.

The streets were already twinkling with bright neon lights, and it was bustling and crowded.

Xuxu gazed into the distance as she watched the scenery in a stupor.

Suddenly her phone rang and disrupted her. She turned around to get her phone which was on the table. She took a glance at the screen.

Jiang Zhuoheng!

Ah Heng? She picked up the call with haste. It had been some time since she had last contacted him.

“Hello, Ah Heng.”

Jiang Zhuoheng’s gentle voice sounded. “Which private room are you in?”

It puzzled Xuxu. “Huh?”

She didn’t understand him.

Jiang Zhuoheng answered, “I’m at Jiangnan River Delta, too.”

“You are here as well?” His response surprised Xuxu. She then turned to the entrance. “Give me a second, let me check.”

She didn’t notice the private room number earlier on.

She spoke as she walked towards the entrance.

“No need…”

The door swung open and both of their voices overlapped. A tall man stood outside with a gentle and warm smile on his face, and it made Xuxu feel as though an instant wave of sunshine welcomed her.

She put down her phone and smiled at him. “You already knew I was inside this room.”

Jiang Zhuoheng put down his phone too. “I wasn’t sure.”

“Are you alone?” Xuxu asked.

But it was quite unlikely he would be alone in such places.

Jiang Zhuoheng wore a dark plum suit with a white shirt underneath, and he had paired it with a dark red tie, too.

His face had always been gorgeous, but his choice of clothing made him looked even more beautiful. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and took a step forward. He then leaned lazily against the door frame.

Only a step had separated him from Xuxu. He peered down at her with a tender smile.