Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 769

Chapter 769 Don't Let Someone Get A Handle On Him

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Yan Rusheng fell silent. It was exactly what worried him the most.

It was only after a long while that he spoke. “It depends on Yan Runan now.”

He had made his stand clear when he called First Uncle earlier that afternoon, and he had conveyed a clear and ringing message.

If Yan Runan didn’t have any self-awareness, then he needed to shoulder the consequences by himself.

After all, his original intentions were hard to forgive.

Yan Rusheng was level-headed and rational, but Xuxu couldn’t be like that. She grabbed him tightly. “Ah Sheng, let’s inform First Aunt now.”

( Boxno vel. co m )  They needed to persuade First Aunt to talk to Second Brother so he could confess to his crimes. Then they would think of a way to save him and eliminate the possibility of being manipulated.

Yan Rusheng narrowed his eyes with a cryptic expression. “She might already have known.”

Xuxu was shocked yet puzzled. “Why would you come to that conclusion?”

If First Aunt already knew, why would she still have the mood to have dinner with them?

Yan Rusheng gazed at Xuxu and instead, he asked, “At this crucial point, would she still have the time to bother about you?”

“Do you mean…” Xuxu widened her eyes as suspicions crept inside of her. However, she couldn’t be entirely sure.

“I’m only guessing.” Yan Rusheng threw a look at the entrance. He then said in a hushed voice, “Wang Bin’s grandson went missing last night and they found him just this morning. His family didn’t report it to the police, and the boy came home by himself.”

It shocked Xuxu, and she began to comprehend the whole situation in a new light. “So, someone already knew the truth behind the county’s project, and they are searching for evidence right now? If you drag Liu Changfu down along with the others, they might use this evidence to make demands with you.”

She was calm as she analyzed it in a clear and logical manner.

“Smart.” Yan Rusheng pinched Xuxu’s gently cheeks and gazed at her with affection and admiration.

He always had a woman by his side who was intelligent, and their hearts were linked as one. Even he envied himself.

Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows. “Then, in that case, First Aunt…”

She didn’t complete her sentence when Yan Rusheng interrupted. “Let’s observe the situation first. She must be confused and flustered right now. If not, she wouldn’t have doubled back after knowing the truth instead of going back to Yan Runan right now.”

Xuxu nodded. “Yes, if we keep heaping advice on her right now, she wouldn’t be able to listen to a word and it might even backfire.”

She hopelessly sighed. “I really hope that Second Brother will understand this and won’t let anyone get a handle on him.”

The truth will prevail eventually.

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips as complex emotions swirled around in his eyes.

Xuxu watched him and fell silent too. She stretched her hand towards the teapot and disinfected his cup. She then poured tea for him.


Jiang Qinglian finally arrived. She was wearing a smile as she walked in.

She must be exhausted these few days as her smile seemed rather weak.

She held two bags in her hands, and then she closed the door behind her.

“First Aunt.” Xuxu stood up.

Jiang Qinglian grumbled with a smile. She sighed. “There was such a long queue at the shop that my legs nearly went numb. Young people these days refuse to queue up.”

She passed a bag to Xuxu.