Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Who Said She Wasn't Feminine Or Charming?

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“Thank you, First Aunt.” Xuxu received the bag and peered inside.

Jiang Qinglian held her hand and walked towards the table. “This is boiled pear soup, and it nourishes the lungs. I remembered that you loved it when you were a child. But I’m not sure if the taste is still the same.”

Xuxu smiled. “Grandmother’s boiled pear soup is still the best.”

She bowed her head and fell silent.

She tightly clenched the handle of the bag as her long curled eyelashes fluttered. Sorrow, anger, and longing rapidly washed over her.

Jiang Qinglian watched Xuxu, and she was lost in her thoughts for a moment. She broke into a smile and patted Xuxu gently on her back. “Grandmother dotes on you the most. You and Third Yan are so loving now. She would be pleased and happy to know.”

Xuxu couldn’t suppress her emotions any longer and her eyes became red. She rubbed her belly and with sorrow lacing her voice, she said, “If only Grandmother was still here.”

The old lady’s deepest wish was about to be fulfilled.

If Grandmother was still around, all these wouldn’t have happened. First Uncle wouldn’t have brought Su Yan and Su Yue back.

But even if they entered the family, with Grandmother around, she would be able to handle the situation.

The more Xuxu thought about it, the more she missed Wang Daqin. It overwhelmed her and soon her tears fell.

Yan Rusheng saw her and a crease appeared on his forehead. He strode quickly towards Xuxu and gently wiped her tears away. “No wonder the books warned that pregnant women are melancholic and get emotional easily.”

He held her hand and led her to her seat.

Jiang Qinglian watched Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. She was frowning while her hands were clammy. She was restless.

“Don’t turn my son into a crybaby.” Yan Rusheng pulled a tissue and dabbed at her eyes as he teased.

Both of them were like children right now; innocent, bright and warm like a ray of sunshine.

Jiang Qinglian gazed at them and entered a reverie.

“Stop nagging at me.” Xuxu rolled her eyes at Yan Rusheng and turned towards Jiang Qinglian. She beckoned at her. “First Aunt, come and sit down.”

“Oh.” Jiang Qinglian jerked. She wore an uneasy smile. “Okay.”

She walked to Xuxu and placed the soup on the table before settling down.

“Let me taste this soup.” Xuxu began to remove the cover of the container. The container took the form of a pretty little glass vase and it looked exquisite.

She really liked it.

Most women usually like dainty and pretty stuff. Why didn’t he notice that Wen Xuxu was like an ordinary woman who also liked such? Now that he observed her closely, he quietly chided himself for complaining that Wen Xuxu wasn’t feminine at all. Who said she wasn’t feminine or charming?

From top to toe, it displayed her charm!

Yan Rusheng’s eyes followed Xuxu and fell on the container. The soup was of a light beige color, and it seemed milky and concentrated.

Jiang Qinglian’s eyes darted furtively to Xuxu’s belly which was hardly showing. She had her hands clasped together tightly. It was clear that she was quietly struggling.

“I can use this container as a vase and put a rose inside,” Xuxu exclaimed.

She spun her head and beamed at Jiang Qinglian. She took a straw and put it inside the container.