Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 774

Chapter 774 It Was Not Normal

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The door swung open.

A tall, skinny, and youthful-looking guy appeared in front of him.

He was only wearing a thin shirt and holding poker cards in his hand.

It startled Qi Lei to see Ming Ansheng. He scanned him from head to toe for a moment before he asked, “May I know who you are?”

Ming Ansheng sharply questioned him instead. “Who are you?”

His attitude and tone were entirely different from Qi Lei, not to mention his aura.

The President of the Bright Vision Organization looked like an impressive and extraordinary dictator.

Qi Lei was lost for words when Ming Ansheng coldly swept past him and entered the house. Without removing his shoes, he strode towards the living room.

Su Yue was sitting there holding poker cards. She was clearly engrossed as she studied her cards.

She was completely unaware of his presence.

Ming Ansheng’s good-looking face hardened as he removed his shoes and marched towards her. “Yueyue.”

When he stood in front of her and cast a shadow on her, only then did she react.

“Uncle?” Su Yue raised her head and seemed genuinely surprised to see Ming Ansheng.

She happily raised her cards and showed them to Ming Ansheng. “We are playing the card game and the loser has to remove clothes. Uncle Ming, you can join us!”

Her dewy and sparkling eyes were twinkling like crescents.

She didn’t seem to notice that Young Master Ming was angry.

Ming Ansheng widened his eyes in shock. “Yueyue, you are playing card games and removing clothes with this guy?”

Does this girl even have any common sense? She was playing with a stranger at home… taking clothes off with a man.

Wasn’t this just a game of taking clothes off?

Oh yeah, and who was that man? Ming Ansheng glared at Qi Lei as he snapped, “Who are you?”

Su Yue cut across and answered, “He is Qi Lei.”

Qi Lei? Ming Ansheng rapidly sieved through his memories for the person’s name. It sounded vaguely familiar.

But he couldn’t remember.

Qi Lei noticed him and decided to introduce himself. “I’m Grandfather Wen’s disciple, and I’m working at his clinic.”

Then he elaborated. “Sister Xuxu asked me to send food to Sister Yueyue and take care of her. Please don’t be mistaken.”

It puzzled Su Yue, and she furrowed her eyebrows. She then asked, “Why would Uncle Ming be mistaken? Mistaken about what?”

So, he was Wen Xuxu’s grandfather’s disciple. No wonder he had heard of his name before.

Ming Ansheng became less hostile when he heard Qi Lei’s explanation. To Su Yue, he softly replied, “Nothing.”

But he was a grown up and a man, how could he play such games with an under-aged girl alone at home? It was not normal.

Ming Ansheng cursed and chided the man in his heart before looking at Su Yue. “Have you eaten?”

Su Yue nodded and pointed at Qi Lei. She answered, “Yes, I have. Brother Qi Lei cooked for me.”

Brother Qi Lei…

He reckoned the guy was just a few years younger than him. At most, he looked more youthful than him. So, why did she addressed him as an uncle but he is a brother to her?

This young lass must have deliberately done it.

When Ming Ansheng heard Su Yue addressing Qi Lei as Brother Qi Lei, annoyance flashed across his eyes. But he ignored it and frowned when he caught sight of Su Yue’s appearance. “Hurry up and remove those clothes. Aren’t you feeling hot?”

Qi Lei kept losing to her on purpose to cheer Su Yue up. Hence, she still had more than ten layers of clothing, making her look like a stuffed dumpling.