Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 776

Chapter 776 This Is A Tattoo

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Prominent collarbones, a taut chest, and his six-pack were all revealed.

So could the game continue?

Ming Ansheng looked at Su Yue in embarrassment. “Let’s end here. It’s already late. Have you finished your worksheets?”

“Still have a half a page more to go.” After saying that, Su Yue bowed her head and looked at the stack of cards on the table, longing to continue playing.

But as she was yet to complete her work, she pursed her lips and reluctantly put down the cards in her hands.

She clasped her hands together, fingers intertwined.

Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrows and reminded, “Then what are you waiting for?”

Su Yue responded with an‘oh’and unwillingly stood up while her eyes were still hovering over the cards.

Ming Ansheng knitted his eyebrows in amusement at the little lass’ addiction with playing cards. If they were playing with real money, would it easily turn her into a gambling addict? ( B oxnovel.c om )

“I’ll go back first.” Qi Lei stood up and waved at Su Yue with affection. “Su Yue, bye, bye.”

Su Yue smiled. “Goodbye, Brother Qi Lei.”

She hardly smiled so sweetly at people.

Ming Ansheng recalled that she hadn’t smiled at him in the same manner before. She always ignored him whenever he greeted her or bade her goodbye.

As he mulled over this, he felt uneasy and threw a fleeting glance at Qi Lei. This chap putting his class aside, just by the look on his face

He’s not in the least handsome as compared to him.

Thinking of this, Ming Ansheng reached out and stroked his own face. Was he too mature for the little girl’s liking?

‘Oh, no, no, no!’

What was wrong with him? Why must the little girl like him?

Ming Ansheng shook his head, and by the time he snapped out of his thoughts again, Su Yue had already sent Qi Lei out of the door.

She actually walked him to the door!

Young Master Ming received a crushing blow. This ingrate lass! Just a meal from that chap and she was reduced to submission.

He had saved her from the abyss of suffering but there wasn’t even a word of thanks from her.

Could this lass also be one of those chowhound in today’s society?

Ming Ansheng lazily leaned back on the sofa with his thoughts whirling around.

“Uncle Ming, what is this?”

All of a sudden, Su Yue appeared before his eyes. She bent over and put her hands under his shirt, stroking his chest.

Her soft and supple fingers felt warm to the touch, and her fingernails were neatly trimmed.

Ming Ansheng immediately clammed up. His eyebrows gave a twitch as he looked down at Su Yue’s tiny fingers.

Does this girl even have any sense of self-protection?

She was lucky he was an upright, unflustered man, and not some lecherous uncle.

There was a little animal tattoo on Ming Ansheng’s left chest, located just below his collarbone and it had intrigued Su Yue.

She used her fingers to stroke the tattoo before scrutinizing it with excitement.

“This is a tattoo.” Ming Ansheng lifted his eyes and took a peek at Su Yue’s tiny face and was stumped.

A flush crept up his handsome face.

Her skin was fair and baby-smooth. She had thick eyebrows and long curly lashes, a small and exquisite looking sharp nose with slightly curled red lips. ( B oxnovel.c om )

No words could describe the beauty of her petite face.

As Su Yue started at the tattoo, Uncle Ming’s chest moved up and down with every breath he took, and his breathing got more rapid.

Su Yue’s gaze was still fixed on his tattoo and she asked, “I know. But what’s the picture of the tattoo?”

Before Ming Ansheng could respond, she hazarded a guess. “It looks like a little mouse.”

Ming Ansheng snapped out of his trance and recomposed himself. He sat upright and started buttoning his shirt as he spoke, “Yes, it’s a little mouse.”