Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 777

Chapter 777 What's Happening?

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Su Yue straightened up slowly and pouted. She was filled with envy, and so she quipped, “I also wish to have a tattoo.”

Ming Ansheng stopped buttoning his shirt for a moment and lifted his head to look at Su Yue sternly. “It’s better for girls not to have tattoos.”

“Where should I place my tattoo?” Su Yue disregarded Ming Ansheng’s words again and went back into her own world. She then surveyed her own body from head to toe.

So which part of her body should she place the tattoo?

Ming Ansheng could tell that she was serious from her words, and his expression softened. He stopped buttoning his shirt at the second last button from the top.

“You have to go to school, and if your teacher discovers your tattoo, you’ll be expelled from school.” He tried to scare Su Yue.

However, Su Yue feigned ignorance and Ming Ansheng’s words didn’t affect her in the slightest.

She sat down next to him and asked him with enthusiasm in her voice, “Where did you have your tattoo done? Can you introduce the shop to me?”

It rendered Ming Ansheng speechless.

There were all kinds of strange people in this vast world. However, people like this ‘exotic’ little girl was thought to be extinct.

Her existence baffled Ming Ansheng. When she was with Qi Lei earlier, wasn’t she behaving normally?

But why did she transformed into another person before his eyes?

He was convinced that this young lass was doing it on purpose.

After some deliberation, Ming Ansheng decided to test Su Yue. He inched closer to Su Yue and asked, “Yueyue, do you find Qi Lei a good man?”

Su Yue hesitated before nodding her head in response. ” Mm, his chicken wings were delicious.”

There was a long pause…

It dumbfounded Ming Ansheng. He asked if she found him to be a good man or not, whether or not his chicken wings were delicious!

Indeed, her level of intelligence was of a different frequency.

Patiently, he asked again, “Do you like him?”

He thought that she should be able to answer this easy and straightforward question.

Su Yue shook her head and looked at Ming Ansheng in all seriousness before answering. “I only like my Third sister-in-law.”

Ming Ansheng was speechless…

Forget it. He was just too free to get entangled with an under-aged girl, even to the point of trying to find out why she had put up an invisible shield to keep him out from the start.

He said, “You better quickly finish up your worksheets. I’ve brought two more books for you and you can read through in your free time.”

Su Yue remained seated and continued to fix her gaze on Ming Ansheng’s chest. “Where did you get the tattoo done?”

Ming Ansheng was really at a loss for words. He realized that if something caught this girl’s interest, she’d be obstinately unmoving.

But playing cards and having tattoos were not good things!

After some consideration, Ming Ansheng decided to coax her with his words. “You quickly go and finish up your worksheets. If you do well for your college entrance exams, I’ll bring you to have your tattoo done, ok?”

Su Yue was beaming and pointed to her chest. “I also want to have my tattoo here. I want to tattoo a cat that’s more awesome than your mouse.”

She stood up after that and hobbled happily to the balcony.

“…” Young Master Ming stared at Su Yue from behind, completely speechless.

‘I also want to have my tattoo here. I want to tattoo a cat that’s more awesome than your mouse.’

The cat and the mouse, seemingly…

“Ming Ansheng?”

Yan Rusheng and Xuxu walked in and saw Ming Ansheng seated at the sofa. Both of them simultaneously had a startled look on their faces.

“Why are you here?” Xuxu and Yan Rusheng walked towards Ming Ansheng and scrutinized his partially unbuttoned shirt on his body. There was also a pile of Xuxu’s clothes on the sofa.

What was happening?

She hurriedly turned and looked at Su Yue who was seated quietly at the other side. She was still wearing her Doraemon pajamas and her ponytail was messily tied up.