Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Such A Pervert

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Ming Ansheng knitted his eyebrows. “I came to deliver some books for her. Didn’t I inform you over the phone?”

He rose from his seat and straightened his clothes.

Yan Rusheng threw him a suspicious glance. “Then why haven’t you left after delivering the books?”

“Um…” The look of suspicion on Yan Rusheng’s face had Young Master Ming dumbfounded. He realized that they had misunderstood him and immediately explained. “This lass insisted on playing cards and the loser had to take off the clothes. Can’t you see this heap of clothes here?”

He pointed a bundle of clothes on the sofa.

“Both of you were playing card games and removing clothes?” Xuxu was so stunned that her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

This hypocrite!

Tsk . The more he explained, the more he made matters worse. Ming Ansheng swiftly added, “It’s not just the two of us. Qi Lei who’d just left played with us.”

It was for the first time that someone had questioned and accused him of harboring unwholesome thoughts towards an underaged girl.

He couldn’t tolerate it any further. If this couple continued to question him, he would…

“Oh, I see.” Xuxu nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.

Ming Ansheng felt perplexed and indignant. Did he look like one who would prey on a little girl?

How could this couple doubt his character?!

He said, “Since you’re back, I’ll make a move first.”

Having said that, he retrieved his jacket from the sofa and hung it over his arm, striding past Xuxu and Yan Rusheng with pompous steps.

“Walking with your head up high doesn’t necessarily mean you are righteous. It just means you’re guilty conscious!”

Yan Rusheng’s voice suddenly sounded from behind, and his tone sounded like a haunting spirit.

Young Master Ming clenched his fist as he halted his steps and gnashed his teeth. But in the end, he ignored Young Master Yan’s words and moved off again.

This fellow couldn’t even decipher right from wrong. He took the effort to deliver the books at night and played such a nonsense game with her all because she was his sister.

Did he think he had nothing else better to do?

Next time… Oh, there’s no such thing as next time since this two-faced couple with a malicious tongue could not tell right from wrong!

He, Ming Ansheng, had pride and ego, alright?


The door slammed, and from the loudness, one could tell that the person who closed it was burning with rage.

Xuxu turned towards Yan Rusheng who happened to retract his gaze from the door. He flashed her a grin.

Xuxu was speechless.

How could he still smile after driving his buddy off in a huff?

Such a pervert!

“Yueyue, why are you still doing your work so late at night?” Xuxu averted her gaze from Yan Rusheng and walked towards Su Yue.

She stood beside her and took a peek at the subject she was working on. When she saw it was Mathematics, she immediately pulled out a stool and sat beside her to coach her.

Yan Rusheng sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV which had the volume turned on too loud.

Before he could tune it down, Xuxu fiercely glared at him. “Yan Rusheng, why are you still here? Scram and go to bed.”

Yan Rusheng pursed his lips and with quiet breathing, he lowered the volume to the minimum. He then gingerly placed the remote control on the table, trying his best not to produce any sound.

Xuxu found his gentle and cautious behavior amusing. She didn’t pay further attention to him and continued coaching Su Yue in her studies.