Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Stop Fooling Around

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The close relationship the two ladies had made Young Master Yan green with envy. He gritted his teeth in annoyance as he looked at her gentle face from the side.

This dumb woman still had the cheek to ask why he was still there. Obviously, he was waiting to do that thing with her.

Under Xuxu’s coaching, they completed the worksheet in no time.

After that, Xuxu helped Su Yue to wash up while Yan Rusheng remained seated at the sofa, preoccupied with his thoughts.

“Why are you still sitting here? You have no intention to go home and sleep?” asked Xuxu. She pretended to be baffled when she saw him still lazing on the sofa after she came out of the bathroom.

Of course, she knew what was going on in his mind. But… Hmph!

No way. She would make sure she walked the talk and wouldn’t let him have his way.

Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth in annoyance. This dumb woman, why ask when she obviously knew?

Must he spell out his intention before his sister, something that was deemed inappropriate for an under-aged girl like her?

But even when he was fuming, he remained calm and composed. Yan Rusheng thought about it before smiling and waving at Xuxu. “I’m not tired yet. Why don’t you sit down and accompany me to watch TV for a while?”

Xuxu glared hard at him. “Yan Rusheng, don’t force me to extend your restricted period until we wean our child off from milk.”

With that lecherous look on his face, only ghosts would believe that he only wanted to watch TV.

Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows and turned coward. “Wife, we’ll just sit down and watch TV and won’t do any other things, ok?”

Su Yue observed the situation and tactfully said, “Third sister-in-law, I’m going to bed now.”

As she said that, she turned around and walked towards the room.

The little lass had just stepped away and Yan Rusheng immediately dashed towards Xuxu like a rocket. He hugged her waist before scooping her off her feet and carried her to the sofa.

He placed her on his lap and embraced her tightly.

This position…

Xuxu face turned crimson and bashfully stared at the man who was hugging her. “Yan Rusheng, what are you trying to do? Su Yue may see us.”

She softly said with her teeth gritted. She shoved Yan Rusheng away at the same time.

Su Yue had just stepped into the room, and if she came out without notice and saw such a sight, it would be embarrassing.

Xuxu felt anxious as she thought about this.

“Then let’s go over to my side.” Young Master Yan was swift and decisive. He immediately carried Xuxu up and strode towards the main door.

This chap was being serious. Xuxu pounded her fists on his chest and yelled at him with a low voice. “Stop fooling around. Let me down.”

Yan Rusheng stopped walking when he reached the door and let Xuxu down. But he didn’t give Xuxu the opportunity to escape as he swiftly pressed her against the wall, trapping her.

He looked at her with his head lowered. There was a pathetic look in his tender looking eyes. “You can’t treat me this way. It’s killing me and don’t you feel sorry for me at all?”

This fellow literally made her want to puke. So downright shameless! Xuxu rolled her eyes at Yan Rusheng. “I’ll feel sorry for you if you’re sick.”

“Xuxu, Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng bent over and buried his head into Xuxu’s arm like a pampered child. “I know that you treat me best. You’re the only woman in this world who treats me the best.”

He moved his hand down to her waist and hugged her close, their bodies tightly pressed together.

Xuxu was speechless towards this man who was behaving coquettishly. The corners of her mouth twitched as she stared at the licentious-looking man with disdain. “Yan Rusheng, can you not be so shameless?”

Always aloof, arrogant, and pretentious before others, and yet shameless and unreasonable behind their backs.

Indeed, this was Yan Rusheng. After more than 20 years, today, he changed her views of him once again.