Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Straight To The Point

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Yan Rushengs expression instantly darkened. "I got it."

He hastily hung up, changed, and left home.

As he left in a hurry, he exerted a little more force when he shut the door, it closed with a loud slam.

Xuxu was just about to drink her milk when she heard the loud slam. Why was that fellow slamming his door for no reason?

She stood up, went to the door and opened it. She glanced at the apartment next door, there wasnt any rubbish or bag outside.

Did she hear wrongly, and the sound didnt come from his apartment?

Xuxu was still feeling doubtful when she caught a glimpse of the elevator going down.

Had he gone out?

She shut the door and went back to get her phone.

She dialed Yan Rushengs number, and he picked up. "Xuxu?"

Xuxu asked him apprehensively, "You went out?"

"Mmm, I have something on. Ill be back in a while," answered Yan Rusheng before reverting to his cheeky self. "If you have some regret, open the door later. Ill go in and look for you."

Xuxu ignored his tease. She asked in concern, "Why are you heading out this late?"

He had just turned the entire political circle upside down, who knows how many pairs of vengeful eyes were watching him at the moment.

She really cant help but worry when he is outside so late in the night.

Yan Rusheng cheekily grinned and cracked a joke. "Dont fret, Im not going out to look for women. Im driving now. Remember to open the door later."

Xuxu sighed. "Come home soon and call me later."

"Okay," Yan Rusheng spoke softly, "Sleep earlier."

He hung up and instantly dialed Yan Weiyes number. The line got through immediately. "Third Yan?"

Yan Rusheng went straight to the point. "Wang Bin has appeared, and he went to the police. Get Yan Runan to confess right now."

Yan Weiye was anxious and flustered when he heard the bad news. "Alright, Ill tell him now."

Yan Rushengs sole purpose for making the call was to get them prepared.

However, to surrender to the police now would already be too late.

Wang Bins grandson went missing last night and Wang Bin appeared at the police station today. It was clear that he was threatened, if not he wouldnt have surrendered himself so late in the night.

Without a surprise, in C City, the police would come knocking on Yan Runans doors any moment on.

He had never anticipated that the Coastal County Project would end up being used against him as a threat by his enemies.

He had been too negligent. Yan Rusheng chided himself and punched the steering wheel.

He had already expected that he would receive Yan Weiyes call anytime soon, and indeed, his foreboding happened. Yan Weiye informed him over the phone that the police had apprehended Yan Runan. The person-in-charge Wang Bin confessed that Yan Runan was the mastermind.

Yan Rusheng fell silent and hung up without a word.

He stared at the road ahead and his eyes coldly blazed. He dialed Mu Qingtengs number. "Release all the evidence, especially the case regarding Fang Youwen."

"I dont want to wait any longer since everything will come, eventually. I want to capture all of them in one fell swoop."

Xuxu was pregnant, and he didnt have the patience to make them suffer slowly.

Today, just today, a tragedy almost happened.

"Hi, Third Master, it has been a while."

Yan Rusheng stepped into the police station and someone came to welcome him with a smile. It seemed that the person had been expecting him to arrive.

Yan Rusheng remained expressionless as he looked at the man in front of him. "Chief Zhang, I heard that Wang Bin the person-in-charge of Flourish & Prospers coastal county project has confessed?"