Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 782

Chapter 782 I'm Here To Visit You

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Chief Zhang smiled. “We have to thank Third Master for being so impartial and so ready to punish even their own family members for the sake of justice. If not, we would still have to spend more time and effort on the investigations.”

“I don’t understand you, Chief Zhang.” Yan Rusheng was confused. He coldly lifted his eyebrows.

Impartial? Ready to punish your family for the sake of justice? It was obviously sarcasm.

Chief Zhang didn’t answer his question. “Third Master, would you like a cup of tea in my office?”

Yan Rusheng declined. “No, I want to meet Wang Bin.”

He stuffed his hands in his trousers and towered menacingly over Chief Zhang who barely reached his chin. He looked like a powerful and cold dictator.

He knew that since the enemy had struck first, they would do everything in their power to steer everything to their advantage. So he doesn’t need to waste time with this lowly police chief.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes swept across the fleshy face of Chief Zhang as he coldly smirked.

Anyway, he wouldn’t be clinging on to his position for much longer.

Fear struck Chief Zhang when he met Yan Rusheng’s eyes. His eyes nervously flickered, and he nodded with an awkward smile. “Sure, I’ll arrange it right now.”

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips without a word. He still looked menacing to Chief Zhang.

Chief Zhang felt awkward and at the same time frustrated. He had assumed that Yan Rusheng would pander to him with some friendly greetings. But to his surprise, he appeared so aloof and overbearing.

But he couldn’t.

They had locked Wang Bin up in the interrogation room. Chief Zhang pushed the door and pointed inside as he spoke to Yan Rusheng. “President Yan, please.”

Yan Rusheng strode past him.

Chief Zhang’s eyes gleamed with hatred and anger as he gnashed his teeth. He gave Yan Rusheng a furtive glare behind his back.

After Yan Rusheng had sat down, Chief Zhang shut the door and hurriedly left to make a call.

“President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng stared at Wang Bin who was sitting across from him. He sounded visibly exhausted and pale.

His wrinkled face seemed as exhausted as his voice. The gray shirt that he was wearing looked filthy. He appeared to look battered and drained.

Yan Rusheng sat on an uncomfortable plastic chair as he gave Wang Bin a silent and penetrating stare.

By instinct, Wang Bin lowered his eyelids.

The room remained silent as Yan Rusheng kept his hands stuffed in his trousers.

Finally, he straightened his back and broke the silence. “I’m here to visit you since my grandmother has groomed you for years.”

He spoke so calmly that it startled Wang Bin.

He rose and was about to leave.

Wang Bin lifted his head as he gazed at Yan Rusheng with regret and guilt.

Yan Rusheng didn’t acknowledge it and simply turned around to leave the room.

Chief Zhang was in the lobby and he immediately broke into a smile when he saw Yan Rusheng. “President Yan.”

“Thank you, Chief Zhang.” Yan Rusheng glanced at him, and without stopping, strode towards the entrance.

His car was parked right outside, and he got in the car after unlocking the door.