Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Brother Qi Lei Promised To Send Me Chicken Wings

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Xuxu playfully stuck out her tongue and shut the door.

Yan Rushengs eyes were brimming with affection as he watched her close the door. His smile gradually vanished and his expression sank.

He sighed softly, evidently drained and helpless.

So the reason he didnt feel exhausted all these years was that she was always by his side.

He realized that whenever he thought of Wen Xuxu, he would be full of vitality and drive. Be it at work or studies, it was simply strange and amazing.

Fated! Yes, this was fate.

Yan Rusheng thought to himself as his lips curled into a smile.

The next morning, the skies seemed gloomy and overcast with dark clouds, hinting at an impending storm.

Xuxu drew the curtains and turned around to see Su Yue lazily rubbing her eyes.

She smiled and walked to her. "Su Yue, lets move back today. First Aunt went home yesterday."

Su Yue frowned and the corners of her mouth sank. She mumbled, "I dont feel like going back. Cant I stay here?"

She was clenching the blanket, looking like a pitiful little wife.

Xuxu grinned to herself, feeling amused. Did this lass think she was chasing her away?

She sat down on the bed and explained. "There is no one here to take care of you."

Su Yue quipped, "I want to eat chicken wings. Brother Qi Lei promised to bring me some today."

Xuxu was speechless so this girl was a glutton? Just for Qi Leis chicken wings, she wanted to stay here.

"Alright, Ill come to fetch you tonight with your Third Brother."

Qi Leis cooking had indeed improved. Even she couldnt resist the temptation and the occasional urges to go to the clinic just for his food.

She had already promised to fetch her tonight, and she could still stay until the afternoon to enjoy Qi Leis chicken wings, but why was she still unhappy?

Xuxu stared at Su Yue, feeling bewildered. "Whats wrong?"

Su Yue suddenly grabbed her hand. "Third sister-in-law, I like this place."

She seemed to plead with Xuxu to allow her to stay.

Xuxu couldnt understand her. "But why?"

Su Yue answered, "That place is too big and lonely."

Xuxus heart jerked when she heard her. It was probably because she and Yan Rusheng had been staying at the apartment for a long period, and they have neglected her at home.

She smiled. "Alright, then you can stay here. But you have to call me if anything happens."

She could temporarily stay. The girl must have felt that it was an exciting and fresh feeling to stay in a new place. Anyway, she felt that there werent any problems with Su Yue staying, anyway.

Su Yue beamed. "Okay!"

"Hurry up and get up. Ill make breakfast." Xuxu climbed off the bed and walked out.

Xuxu knew that Yan Rusheng must have gone to the company, and so she didnt go next door. After making breakfast, she went to get Su Yue.

After breakfast and washing up, she finally had time to use her phone.

She was drinking milk as she scrolled through the news.

The next second, her eyes widened in shock and her mouth hung open.

The accidents that happened at Flourish & Prospers coastal county project were planned by the Second Master Yan

Xuxu put the glass down in such a haste, and she clicked the article to read it carefully.