Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Shocking News That Gripped The Entire City

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‘The project person-in-charge Wang Bin testified that the Second Master Yan had planned the entire accident which resulted in the collapse of the building foundation, hence leading to four deaths and several others injured. He provided voice recordings between him and Second Master Yan as evidence. Now that there is sufficient evidence, Second Master Yan can be convicted’

The article also added that Wang Bin stated that it was Yan Rusheng who had persuaded him to confess and to tell the truth.


Her phone slid out of her hands, and it fell to the table before dropping to the floor. Her phone cracked.

Su Yue heard the sounds from the bathroom and rushed to her, looking nervous and flustered. “Third sister-in-law, what’s wrong?”

“Yueyue, eat your breakfast.” Xuxu bent to pick up her phone after coming out of her daze. Although the screen was cracked, she could still use it for the time being. She walked and dialed Yan Rusheng’s number.

Yan Rusheng answered and Xuxu immediately fired questions at him. “I saw the news, why did this happen?!”

Her body was trembling badly, just like her voice.

Her heart was pounding wildly and she just couldn’t calm down.

Yan Rusheng calmly replied, “Xuxu, I’m busy at work. I’ll call you later.”

“Okay.” Xuxu didn’t press on and hung up.

He is at the companythe company!

She uttered to herself and went back to her room. She scrambled to get herself changed and grabbed her bag.

She instructed Su Yue as she put on her shoes. “Yueyue, I’m heading out. Call me or Qi Lei if anything happens.”

Su Yue knew that Xuxu must have something urgent to attend to, and she nodded obediently.

Last night, Yan Rusheng informed her that someone already knew the truth behind Flourish & Prosper’s project. And since Wang Bin’s grandson went missing for a night and came back safely in the morning, then someone must have threatened and manipulated Wang Bin.

Judging from the current situation, First Aunt would definitely have the wrong idea about them. But the most crucial thing right now was to help Second Brother.

Now that there were witnesses and evidence, he was in deep trouble.

Xuxu sat in the taxi with her hands clasped tightly together. Her thoughts and worries ran amok.

‘Last night, the authorities received yet another anonymous email reporting the corruption of several government officials. It also includes evidence of them committing adultery and currently, there are five of them being identified. One of them was the Capital City’s Committee Secretary Liu Changfu. His niece, Fang Jiayin was being suspected of being in cahoots of committing adultery with another government official. They are currently being detained for investigations. Furthermore, Fang Jiayin’s father was also being accused of using his university privileges to manipulate several students into illegal and indecent relationships some years back’

The radio channel reported this alarming news and Xuxu was astounded.

So much has happened overnight. No wonder he had gone out for such a long period, and he looked so tired after he came back.

Xuxu guessed that Wang Bin must have surrendered to the police before the anonymous email.

Previously, when Liu Changfu was reported, there wasn’t any evidence included.

What shocked her more was that Yan Rusheng had so much evidence against these government officials. She finally understood why they were all so fearful and polite to him whenever they met him on various occasions.

It wasn’t just because that Flourish & Prosper was a huge conglomerate that could benefit them, but they also knew that Yan Rusheng had incriminating evidence against them. If not, Liu Changfu wouldn’t have instantly called Yan Rusheng after someone reported him of his crimes.

“Miss, we have reached Flourish & Prosper.”

Xuxu was still lost in her thoughts and only responded after a while. “Alright.”

She paid him the fare and got off.