Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 786

Chapter 786 Would You Be Furious?

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Xuxu stepped forward and peered at the imposing building a short distance away. Just like what she had expected, reporters surrounded the entire building.

The taxi slowly drove away.

Xuxu sighed and wondered how long this‘upheaval’would last.

She strode towards Flourish & Prosper.

When the reporters spotted her, they frantically rushed towards her.

“Third Madam Yan, did you and Third Master already knew what happened long ago?”

“I heard that Second Master was infuriated that his father had brought his illegitimate son into the family, and that’s the reason why he wanted to destroy Flourish & Prosper to seek revenge. Is this true?”

“When Chairman Wang was around, both Yan families lived in harmony. Would this incident shatter the relationship?”

Questions after questions were being fired, and Xuxu could only bend her head, ignoring all it.

Of course, they wouldn’t give up so easily and they continued to swarm around her.

Everyone knew that she was pregnant, so no one dared to get too close to her. They merely tried to shove their microphones nearer to her face.

“Can we trouble Third Madam Yan to say a few words?”

Their voices were all jumbled up together, and Xuxu felt as if her eardrums were about to burst.

When they were nearing the building’s entrance, the reporters became more determined to stop her from going in.

Xuxu saw she couldn’t proceed any further, and she became impatient. She finally stopped and scanned the faces. Her clear and resounding voice rang. “Sorry, I have no answers to the questions that all of you have asked. We will inform everyone when it’s time for us to explain and clarify. Please don’t block the entrance.”

She walked once more.

But how could the reporters give up so easily?

“Third Madam Yan mentioned before that you would inform the media if you have any information regarding the Coastal County Project. Can’t you just reveal some information right now?”

“Exactly! Third Madam Yan, you promised us before.”

There was a long pause.

Their attitudes seemed unyielding and forceful.

Xuxu was livid when she heard them. Sometimes, reporters could be so hateful. Regardless of your mood, they will ruthlessly and mercilessly poke you at the place where it hurts the most.

But no matter how angry she might be with them, it wasn’t the right time to flare up.

At that moment, Flourish & Prosper was in a perilous position. The Board of Directors had always been jealous of Yan Rusheng, and now that Second Brother had committed such a crime, they couldn’t be so sure that the shareholders wouldn’t seize this chance to take down the Yan family.

Even though their impeachment rarely had a huge impact, it would be wiser not to add on their troubles.

The more the media exaggerated the situation, the more opportunities they would have.

So Xuxu took a deep breath before expounding. “Everyone, please don’t block the way here. The news just broke out and I just saw it this morning. I’m also trying to get a clearer understanding of the situation from President Yan. If you were in my shoes, would you be furious?”

Her words were sharp and decisive.

Everyone became rather guilty and kept their microphones.

Xuxu seized this opportunity to ascend the stairs and entered the building.

The atmosphere was just like what she had expected; somber and hushed.

“Young madam.”

“Young madam.”

The security guards promptly greeted Xuxu.

Xuxu marched on in a hurry towards the elevator and entered.

She was the only one in the elevator and soon, it reached the top level.