Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 787

Chapter 787 You Have No Rights To Possess It

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The elevator door opened, and she marched out. At a glance, the President’s office seemed even more somber and gloomier than the lobby.

Xuxu had a hunch that something bad had happened. This atmosphere couldn’t be entirely due to Flourish & Prosper being on the headlines.

She narrowed her eyes in suspicion and strode inside.

“Lady boss.”

Qiao Jian had walked in, and he seemed to be in a hurry.

Xuxu stopped him in his path. “Where are you rushing to? What happened? Where is President Yan?”

Qiao Jian answered, “President Yan is in the meeting room, having a shareholder meeting.”

Shareholder meeting.

Her worst fears had come true, these people had seized the opportunity to create more chaos first thing in the morning. Didn’t they know that the scandal already made everyone feel upset and angry?

Xuxu frowned and her eyes revealed disgust and loathing.

“I shall go there.” She turned around to head towards the meeting room.

Qiao Jian suddenly reminded her. “Lady boss, First Madam is here.”

‘First Madam is here.’

It stumped Xuxu for words, and she halted her footsteps. First Aunt was here. She took the flight home last night, and she was back in the morning.

And the first thing she did was to attend the shareholder meeting.

‘Wang Bin had clearly stated that it was Yan Rusheng who had persuaded him to confess and to tell the truth.’

Shit. This wasn’t good!

Xuxu’s face went pale and scurried towards the meeting room.

She reached the room and was about to push the door.

But before she could do that, the door swung open.

A familiar towering figure appeared, and she peered at him. “President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng’s face was starkly green as his hands were clenched by his sides. He was obviously trying to suppress his raging emotions.

His expression softened a little when he saw Xuxu. “Why did you come?”

He walked a few steps forward, and people streamed out from the room. They were all Flourish & Prosper’s shareholders.

Xuxu anxiously pulled Yan Rusheng’s hand. “What happened? I heard that First Aunt is here?”

A refined and graceful woman exited the room. The moment Xuxu caught a glimpse of her, her mouth slightly hung open, and she felt sorry for her.

Just overnight, Jiang Qinglian looked so haggard. It was as if she had aged a decade older, and her hair had streaks of white.

“First Aunt!” Xuxu’s eyes glistened and walked towards Jiang Qinglian.

Jiang Qinglian shot her an icy glare.

And in that instant, Xuxu felt as though she couldn’t breathe.

Jiang Qinglian’s eyes contained hatred, and her expression was cold and spiteful. Xuxu deliberated for a few seconds before taking a step forward.

Yan Rusheng held her back.

Xuxu blinked and stared at Jiang Qinglian, trying so hard to form words. But Jiang Qinglian cut across her. “From now on, we have nothing to do with each other.”

Every word she said pierced through Xuxu’s heart like an icicle.

She opened her mouth, dumbfounded. Her eyes brimmed with tears that contained overwhelming emotions.

Second Brother was apprehended, and First Aunt had become so haggard overnight. The Yan family was facing a crisis and was on the verge of splitting up.

Xuxu’s words were choked, and she couldn’t utter a sound for some time. “First Aunt, this is a misunderstanding. Why would Ah Sheng do that? Wang Bin was clearly being used.”

Jiang Qinglian ignored her explanation and coldly said, “I’m here today to get back the shares that the old madam left us. You have no rights to possess it.”