Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 788

Chapter 788 I Know You've Tried Your Best

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Jiang Qinglian turned around and marched towards the elevator.

“First Aunt!” Xuxu was about to chase her when Yan Rusheng grabbed her wrist once more.

It frustrated her, and she spun around. “What are you doing?!”

“She won’t listen to anything you say right now.” Yan Rusheng gazed at the diminishing figure of Jiang Qinglian as a crease appeared on his forehead.

Xuxu ignored his advice, flung his hand away, and ran after Jiang Qinglian.

Grandmother had used so much effort to sustain this family. She can’t sit by and watch the family fall apart.

When she was a kid, First Aunt, First Brother, and Second Brother had given her so much love and warmth. She couldn’t simply watch them drift apart from each other and end up as enemies.

“First Aunt!” Xuxu quickly ran after Jiang Qinglian. When she finally caught her, she wrapped her arms around her waist. “First Aunt, it really wasn’t Ah Sheng! Ah Sheng didn’t do that. Someone else used Wang Bin to frame Ah Sheng to attack our family.”

“Xuxu, I’m not acting this way because of that matter.” Jiang Qinglian still sounded distant and cold, but she wasn’t as frightening and fiery as earlier on. She said, “Yan Weiye and I have gotten to this step, and there is no way we can carry on being together. Runan might have made a mistake, but this all stemmed from his father’s fault. I’ve given in and suffered in silence so that this family could stay intact, but now that my son is in trouble, there is no way the family could stay together. I just wanted to get the shares that the old madam have left us.”

She heaved a heavy sigh, and it seemed to convey her regrets, pity, helplessness, and sorrow.

More so, she spoke in a calm and composed tone.

But every word sounded unyielding and determined, and it made Xuxu’s heart clench inside her chest.

‘I’ve given in and suffered in silence so that this family could stay intact’

After getting married, what does a woman contribute to her family?

It was everything she had, including the tolerance and forgiveness that she initially assumed she never had.

A woman like Aunt Mu Li who had been treated and pampered like a princess for her entire life was a rare find.

Xuxu refused to relinquish her grip around her waist, acting just like a spoiled kid. She sobbed. “Yan Rusheng would have a way to help Second Brother. First Aunt, please trust him.”

Memories of how First Aunt had helped Grandmother with the household affairs kept flashing in her mind.

The family used to live in peace and harmony, and strife amongst members was nonexistent. Everyone envied their family, as not even ordinary families could do that.

“I will think of a way myself.” Jiang Qinglian pressed the elevator button and pushed Xuxu away.

She stepped into the elevator.

Xuxu stood there in a daze staring at Jiang Qinglian as the elevator’s door closed. She turned around and her head bumped into Yan Rusheng’s chest, who stood beside her. She quietly tore up.

“Why did this happen? Ah Sheng, why did it end up in this way?”

She raised her hands and tugged at Yan Rusheng’s suit. It was for the first time she felt so useless that she couldn’t do anything to salvage the situation.

Yan Rusheng patted her gently on her back and consoled her. “Don’t be too sad. I know you’ve tried your best.”

Xuxu had been so attentive to Su Yue, and he knew that she had hoped that First Uncle would devote more time to his own family instead. In that way, his family would still stay intact. She also didn’t want First Uncle to neglect First Aunt because of Su Yue and Su Yan.