Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 789

Chapter 789 You Better Behave

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Yan Rusheng knew that Xuxu had always felt overwhelming gratitude towards the Yan family.

But who would truly understand her?

Xuxu cried because she felt helpless and heartbroken earlier. She was unable to control her emotions.

She composed herself in no time.

Yan Rusheng poured her a cup of warm water and she held it in her hands. She sat on the sofa with swollen eyes so Yan Rusheng got her a warm towel.

Xuxu anxiously grabbed his wrist and asked, “What do you intend to do to help Second Brother?”

Yan Rusheng answered, “It’s not as hard as we think as those culprits are already in trouble themselves. Wang Bin will change his testimony. But the fact that Yan Runan didn’t go to the police first won’t change, and that would be tricky.”

Xuxu hardly saw or heard Yan Rusheng being so unsure of himself, and she began to worry once more. “Even if he did something wrong, you must still help Second Brother & First Aunt.”

Yan Rusheng gave a fleeting smile. “I know, after all, he is my Second Brother. I just said that it’s tricky, not impossible.”

Xuxu was relieved but pressed on once more. “What about the Board of Directors?”

First Aunt came back for her shares, but the Board of Directors would definitely have something up their sleeves.

Yan Rusheng snorted in contempt. “Of course, they would seize this chance to flock to First Aunt.”

Xuxu was hardly surprised to hear that. She began to calmly analyze the situation. “If First Aunt uses her shares together with First Brother and Second Brother, and along with other minor shareholders, will the Board of Directors force you to step down?”

Although the enemy was having a hard time, internally they were fighting a hard battle as well.

“It won’t be so easy to pull me down,” sharply said Yan Rusheng’s as his eyes glinted while looking at Xuxu. “I won’t be defeated so easily, you need to trust me.”

Grandmother had handed Flourish & Prosper to him personally, so could he let it land in the hands of an outsider?

No one could take it away from him.

Xuxu lightly nodded. “Okay.”

As the saying goes, news travels fast. The news of Jiang Qinglian coming back to snatch her shares and her demand for the separation of the two families soon traveled to the media. The reporters’ capability was really to be lauded.

The news occupied the headlines again in the afternoon.

There wasn’t any additional pressure needed. The public opinions and criticisms were pressurizing enough.

During the following few days, a few more government officials were exposed one after another. Other than the regular news updates, the situation seemed to have stabilized.

Just like what Yan Rusheng had predicted, Wang Bin changed his testimony. He confessed how he was being threatened.

But Yan Runan still needed a trial, so he was brought to the Capital City, and it was only a week later that the trials would commence.

The tiny investigation room smelled unpleasant, and there was a musty stench when the door opened. Xuxu stood outside the room. She stared at the woman in handcuffs inside.

Her pretty face looked pallid and pale, and her hair tumbled messily past her shoulders. Her hair seemed to have lost its shine too, just like the owner.

Fang Jiayin glared at Xuxu. She angrily gritted her teeth. “Wen Xuxu, what do you want?!”

She rose swiftly and charged towards Xuxu.

The female policewoman grabbed her arm and pulled her back with force. “You better behave.”