Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 793

Chapter 793 You Peed On Your Bed When You Were Four Years Old

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Xuxu sighed and started blaming herself. “Ah Sheng, do you think it’s our fault?”

Yan Rusheng slightly frowned. “Pregnant women like to let their imagination run wild, and they get emotional and melancholic easily. Wen Xuxu, you’re no different from those ordinary women, too.”

Xuxu pouted her lips and glared at him. “Get a refund if you’re dissatisfied.”

‘What’s the meaning of ‘you’re no different from those ordinary women’ ? To begin with, I’m just an ordinary woman, okay!’ she thought.

Yan Rusheng succeeded in amusing her. He also broke into a smile and remarked, “You wish! We’re destined not to ever leave each other in this lifetime.”

Xuxu muttered, “I’m not so sure.”

She obviously didn’t mean what she had said. A cunning smile flashed across Yan Rusheng’s eyes and he drawled, “What should I do? I seemed to have fallen head over heels in love with that guy. When I came out of my room during that summer camp…”

Initially, Xuxu didn’t react when she heard the first sentence. But when the words ‘summer camp’ was mentioned, she came to a sudden realization. She fiercely stared at the man who was showing off. “Yan Rusheng, shut up!”

All Yan Rusheng wanted was to tease her to stop her from letting her thoughts run wild, but he immediately clammed upon hearing her warning.

Xuxu couldn’t stand the smug smile on his face, so she knitted her eyebrows in annoyance. She mumbled, “So rude to look at people’s diary.”

Yan Rusheng continued, “I also remembered that when you were young, you were especially good at cajoling people until everyone in my family valued you as a rarity, you little cheater.”

At the mention of the past, both their expressions softened. Xuxu proudly replied, “I was a lovable child, to begin with.”

The truth was, the Yan family didn’t have any female descendants over the past few generations. Hence, a female like her was, of course, a hot favorite.

Yan Rusheng glanced askew at Xuxu, affection evident on her face. “You’re a narcissistic dumb woman.”

Xuxu’s cheeks were still feeling flushed over the words that Yan Rusheng quoted from her diary. She felt indignant and took revenge on him.

After giving it some thought, a crafty smile flashed in her eyes—the same identical expression Yan Rusheng had on his face earlier on.

She quipped, “Yan Rusheng, I recalled that you peed on your bed when you were four years old.”

Yan furrowed his eyebrows without admitting nor denying her claims. “How can it be?”

Furthermore, how could she have remembered when she was only four years old at that time, too?

Anyway, he had no recollection of it.

“Undoubtedly.” Xuxu sounded certain and seemed to have remembered something again. “I remember there was once after you peed on your bed, you poured water on First Brother and Second Brother’s beds, and unfortunately, Aunt Mu Li saw through it.”

Hearing her, Yan Rusheng started having second thoughts. He wrinkled his eyebrows and a hint of doubt flashed across his eyes.

Really? But why didn’t he have any memories of it?

Anyway, be it true or false, he refused to admit and wouldn’t admit even if he was beaten to death.

As he mulled over it, he ferociously glared at her with his peach blossom-shaped eyes. “Wen Xuxu, if you continue to spout nonsense, I’ll throw you out of the car.”

If he were to admit… how embarrassing it would be!

Xuxu ignored him and laughed out loud. “Yan Rusheng peed on his bed when he was four years old.”

She was having a hard time catching her breath in the midst of her laughter. “If this news travels out, or perhaps, just getting this into Zhou Shuang and Lu Yinan’s ears would suffice.”

Yan Rusheng felt diffident and flew into a rage out of humiliation. He glared at Xuxu as he warned her. “If you dare to spew ridiculous stuff, I’m going in to meet my son tonight and teach him how to have sex.”