Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 794

Chapter 794 All The Credit Goes To You

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It dumbfounded Xuxu.

Besides behaving like a hooligan, what else could he do?

“You don’t believe me?” She nodded and said, “Alright. When we see Aunt Mu Li later, I’ll verify this with her.”

She thought, ‘Let’s see if you would still dare to laugh!’ Yan Rusheng was extremely annoyed and he warned, “Wen Xuxu, don’t rake this matter up again.”

Xuxu raised her chin upwards and knitted her eyebrows. “Then will you stop making fun of me in the future?”

“I’m not making fun of you.” Yan Rusheng seductively beamed at her. “I’m just overjoyed and thrilled that you’ve been thinking about me since you were young.”

“Tsk.” Xuxu’s face turned crimson again. She quickly averted her gaze and looked down. “Scum!”

The two of them were bantering non-stop throughout the journey that Xuxu momentarily forgot about her troubles and was smiling throughout.

After they arrived at the airport, Mu Li and Yan Weihong walked out of the VIP lane shortly after.

Yan Rusheng initially wanted to wait in the car, but Xuxu insisted on getting out to wait for them. When she caught sight of Mu Li, she happily dashed forward. “Aunt Mu Li.”

Xuxu gave her a warm hug like an excited child, and tears of joy filled her eyes.

She still wasn’t capable of being in charge when their family faced problems.

In fact, she was feeling helpless for the last few days. Oh, how she wished that grandmother was still around.

But with Mu Li’s presence, she had found her pillar of strength.

Mu Li also hugged Xuxu in return and patted her on her back. “My child, don’t be so rough. Be more gentle and mindful of my grandchildren.”

She then came to a sudden realization and then gently pushed her away. She knitted her eyebrows and looked at her. “Eh? What did you address me earlier?”

‘What did I address her?’ Xuxu was dumbstruck for a moment and a flush crept up her face. She finally whispered, “Mother.”

She shifted her gaze to Yan Weihong and smiled. “Father.”

Yan Weihong smiled and nodded at her affably.

They were fond of Xuxu all along, and given that Xuxu is now carrying their grandchildren, they doted on her even more.

Second Master Yan’s heart was in his mouth when he saw Xuxu dashing towards Mu Li earlier.

When Mu Li chided her, he couldn’t agree more.

“Let’s go.” Witnessing this warm sight, Yan Rusheng didn’t have the heart to cut them off. But since they were attracting more and more stares, he had no choice but to hurry them.

It’ll be troublesome if the reporters caught sight of them.

Mu Li finally took a glance at her son and pointed a finger at him. “Rascal, you’re quite capable.”

As she said that, she took a quick peek at Xuxu. Yan Rusheng obviously knew what she was driving at and grinned. “All thanks to Madam Mu Li for imparting her experiences to me.”

The mother and son walked ahead of Xuxu and Yan Weihong, they chatted as they walked.

Yan Weihong intently looked at Mu Li and Yan Rusheng. In a deep and earnest tone, he said to Xuxu, “Xuxu, father wants to thank you.”

Xuxu raised her eyebrows in bafflement. “Eh?”

‘Thank me for?’

Yan Weihong spoke in a grave tone. “Thank you for putting your trust on Third Yan, and also for standing by him at a crucial moment with an unwavering faith against the outsiders. This is something that Third Yan hasn’t done before, though I am not too sure yet and I have to observe him. But so far, I can tell that he has matured and all the credits should go to you.”

At least, he didn’t frown in impatience while they were standing there chatting a moment ago.

Instead, he waited patiently on the side. If this happened in the past, it would be impossible.