Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 795

Chapter 795 Tell Her Theres No Such Matter

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“People do change and mature after going through certain things.” Xuxu coyly smiled. “I feel that we’re now a complete body, growing together, changing for the better and dealing with situations together.”

Yan Weihong smiled. “Actually, both of you didn’t change much since you were young.”

Xuxu paused for a moment before breaking into a laugh. “Perhaps.”

The two in front of them were walking very fast for Yan Rusheng had hastened his footsteps. Mu Li had a hard time catching up with him.

She grumbled under her breath. “Can you slow down a bit and spare a thought for your mother who’s wearing heels? Your wife is still right behind too and has yet to catch up with us.”

Yan Rusheng turned back and saw that Xuxu and Yan Weihong were quite a distance away. He moved closer to Madam Mu Li and sheepishly whispered, “Madam Mu Li, I have a serious question to ask you.”

Mu Li looked at him, puzzled. “So serious. What do you want to ask?”

Yan Rusheng deliberately lowered his voice. “Did I pee on the bed when I was four years old?”

He was still brooding over this matter because if Xuxu could remember such an incident, he couldn’t understand why he had no memories of it.

Furthermore, Xuxu made it sound so convincing that he doubted himself.

Mu Li knitted her eyebrows, baffled. “What? Pee on the bed?”

Her thunderous voice… Yan Rusheng glared at Madam Mu Li with his peach blossom-shaped eyes. “Lower your voice.”

He turned and looked behind him uneasily.

A streak of shrewdness flashed across Mu Li’s eyes. She seemed to understand what he meant, and she stifled a grin.

She pretended to recall before shaking her head. “It’s been too long and I can’t remember anymore. But when you were much older, you did pee on the bed.”

“I peed on the bed before?” Yan Rusheng asked skeptically, “Really?”

Mu Li frowned. “If you don’t believe me, why bother asking me?”

“Alright, if you say so, so be it!” Young Master Yan had been crowned as the‘four-year-old who peed on the bed’ even though he wasn’t willing to accept this truth.

He continued speaking in a hushed tone. “If Xuxu wants to verify this matter later, just tell her that there’s no such matter.”

“Got it.” Mu Li looked serious on the outside but was bursting with laughter in her heart. All her facial muscles involuntarily twitched.

This silly son of hers was usually very wise, but in the presence of Xuxu, he actually turned dumb.

Peed on the bed at the age of four—and he actually believed her without realizing that he had been taken for a ride.

The four of them arrived at the city and had a quick meal before heading home.

The atmosphere at home was cold and quiet. Mu Li was the first to step in and she saw Jiang Qinglian and Yan Runan’s wife, Jin Qianqian, seated at the sofa. The TV was turned on, but both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were not watching but chatting.

Mu Li’s jaw dropped as she stared at Jiang Qinglian. At one glance, she couldn’t believe that she was her sister-in-law, Jiang Qinglian.

Why did she become so haggard overnight?

“Sister-in-law.” Mu Li let go of the luggage in her hand and moved towards Jiang Qinglian.

Jiang Qinglian glanced at Mu Li for a moment, and her face turned dull and cold.

She pressed her lips together and remained mum.

But Jin Qianqian, who was seated beside her, acknowledged Mu Li. “Second Aunt.”

“Qianqian.” Mu Li smiled at Qianqian and looked down at her tummy. “Your tummy is visible now.”

Qianqian forced a smile and looked down, her expression darkened.