Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 796

Chapter 796 What Are You Afraid Of?

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Her tummy was getting bigger by the day, but the father of her child would go to jail soon.

Mu Li could fathom her thoughts, and she walked over to her and sat down. Clutching her hands between hers, she said, “Qianqian, both you and Xuxu are too skinny. You’ve got to eat more.”

It’s of no use telling her not to fret over other matters.

Her husband would be in jail soon, and she was definitely worried and anxious over it.

She shifted her gaze to Jiang Qinglian and was about to move her lips. But seeing her cold and expressionless face, she didn’t know what else to say to her.

Regardless of what she would say, she’s sure she won’t hear of it either.

It was also pointless to offer her any words of consolation.

“First sister-in-law,” Yan Weihong addressed her with his usual deep voice as he stepped in.

“Both of you are finally back,” Jiang Qinglian nonchalantly responded to Yan Weihong. She then turned to look at Jin Qianqian. “Qianqian, I’m going up first.”

She stood up and walked towards the staircase.

Mu Li pressed her lips together and looked helpless as she watched Jiang Qinglian from behind.

Next, she shifted her gaze to Yan Weihong.

Yan Weihong was just about to turn, and he looked at her and their eyes met. He gave a slight nod and quickly trailed after Jiang Qinglian.

“First sister-in-law, let’s have a talk.”

Yan Weihong spoke as he ascended the stairs.

Jiang Qinglian halted her steps at the corner of the stairway, and she turned back to look at Yan Weihong. Her expression was cold as usual. “Weihong, what’s there to talk about? I’m not making things difficult for anyone. I just don’t want to spend my life with Yan Weiye anymore. Can’t I at least do that?”

She got emotional as she spoke. “Or should I say, you’re afraid that I’ll withdraw my shares from the Yan family and implicate Third Yan’s position as the President of Flourish & Prosper?”

Yan Weihong understood the emotional state she was going through, inevitably, she would spew harsh words. He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Do you think Mu Li, Third Yan or myself would care about this?”

All these years, he and Mu Li never spent a single cent from Flourish & Prosper.

Jiang Qinglian retorted, “Then, there’s no issue already.”

After that, she raised her feet and walked towards her room.

Yan Weihong’s exhortation sounded from behind. “Flourish & Prosper was established during my grandfather’s era and it’s the estate of our Yan family. Under my mother’s hands, it grew strong and achieved great heights and glory. So I hope that you’ll reconsider your decision.”

They weren’t concerned about Flourish & Prosper’s returns, but the name Flourish & Prosper belonged to the Yan family, and it’s important for them to guard and protect it.

Hearing this, Jiang Qinglian stopped in her tracks once more and turned back to sneer at Yan Weihong. “Why? What are you afraid of?”

She clenched her fists and her body briefly trembled.

Tomorrow was the start of the court case, and they still do not know what her son would be facing. Yet, they still had the mood to talk to her about Flourish & Prosper and the Yan family’s estate.

Yan Weihong’s expression turned cold. “First sister-in-law, I know that First brother had done you wrong. But I’m sure you’re also aware of how mother had treated you and Mu Li.”

In terms of character, Yan Rusheng was similar to him.

They always drew a clear line between work and personal matters.

Regarding his nephew’s possible jail term, his mood wasn’t exactly pretty too.

But Flourish & Prosper was equally important because its achievements didn’t come overnight. Since the elderly lady had handed Flourish & Prosper to Third Yan, it shouldn’t be destroyed while it was in his hands. Otherwise, he would also be deemed a sinner who’d have committed perhaps, an even greater sin than Yan Runan.

Jiang Qinglian nodded. “Mother had always been fair towards Mu Li and me, and I’m fully aware of that.”