Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Stop Running

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Jiang Qinglian’s words seemed choked in her throat, and her eyes glistened.

She hissed, “But the unfilial one is her son. When the old madam was around, she refused to allow his illegitimate children to enter the family. But once the old madam had passed on, he brought them in. If he didn’t insist on doing that, why would Runan make such a mistake?”

The more she thought of it, the more she hated Yan Weiye. She really couldn’t wait to kill him with her bare hands.

Thinking back, she had been his wife and able assistant for decades. She had contributed so much to the family, and what did she get?

The son he had with another woman was over twenty years old, and he even had a daughter. A boy and a girl, how ideal was that?

She had endured and given in but she had harmed her own son as a result.

It would mean that all her kindness, generosity, and compassion were all in vain.

“Yes.” Yan Weihong nodded and pressed on. “But the children never had the thought of snatching the Yan family’s inheritance.”

Jiang Qinglian spoke rather shrilly. “Illegitimate children are originally not supposed to be seen. But evidently, he wanted to give them an official status!”

It overwhelmed her with emotions by then. “Yan Weiye wants the best of both worlds. How can I let that happen?”

“Su Yue!”

Yan Weihong was about to speak when Xuxu’s voice echoed suddenly.

Both Jiang Qinglian and Yan Weihong cast a look towards the direction of Xuxu’s voice at the same time.

They only caught a fleeting glimpse of Xuxu running away.

Yan Rusheng followed swiftly and stopped when he saw Qi Lei whom Su Yue was with earlier on. “What happened?”

Qi Lei was feeling flustered when he saw that Su Yue had run away. “This afternoon I went to send her food, and I spent some time with her. She said she wanted to chat with her and to reassure her she wants nothing. And she said that she can return to Country Y.”

He was anxious and he couldn’t string words together. He paused for a moment. “I don’t know who the person she was referring to. I tagged along because I was worried about her.”

Qi Lei’s words viciously tugged Yan Rusheng’s heart.

Other than First Aunt, who else could it be?

Who knew that the little lass had thought about so much stuff? However, was it even something she should be worried about?

It frustrated Yan Rusheng, and so he ran out of the house. He was worried about Su Yue, and certainly more worried about Xuxu. She had followed suit after Su Yue.

“Yueyue, stop running. Can you wait for me?”

Su Yue sprinted straight for the road when she dashed out of the house. Although her leg wasn’t fully healed yet, and that she was still limping, it still made Xuxu pant as she chased after her.

But no matter how she shouted, the lass didn’t respond. She seemed to be wiping her tears as she ran.

Xuxu knew that Su Yue had always minded her identity as an illegitimate daughter, and she was especially sensitive. First Aunt’s words might have agitated her.

More so, she was anxious as the traffic was heavy on the roads.

She heavily panted as she struggled to keep up with her. “Yueyue, stop running. I’m afraid that my baby wouldn’t be too well.”

Even if she used her baby to make Su Yue turn back because the girl carried on running.

Xuxu knew that something had provoked the girl, and she couldn’t stop being worried.

Yan Rusheng caught up with her in no time. “Stop chasing after her and go home first. I’ll look for her.”

He saw that Xuxu was breathless, and it had him worried. He glanced at Qi Lei. “Go after Su Yue, I’ll bring your Sister Xuxu back first.”