Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 798

Chapter 798 Yueyue Dont Be Sad

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Qi Lei nodded and rushed past them to chase after Su Yue with no hesitation.

Xuxu nudged Yan Rusheng. “There is no need, Ah Sheng. Finding Su Yue is more important. I’m afraid that she might do something foolish.”

She was anxious as she looked ahead. By then, she wasn’t able to catch sight of the tiny figure.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely find her,” reassured Yan Rusheng. He then sprinted away.

Mu Li caught up, and she stopped beside Xuxu. She tightly clenched on Xuxu’s arm. “Xuxu, let us go back first.”

However, Xuxu was still worried as she stared into the distance. “Su Yue is different from us.”

“I know, and it’s heart wrenching to hear those words from her.”

Mu Li recounted what Qi Lei had said earlier on, and when she finished, Xuxu’s eyes were glistening.

Yueyue’s personality confined herself to her own world, and she refused to open up to others. Except for herself, she hadn’t seen Su Yue interacting with anyone else.

She was so afraid of First Aunt, and she didn’t even dare to be around her whenever First Aunt was in the house. And yet, the lady had the gall to say all those things to her.

Xuxu had no idea how hard Su Yue must have struggled before coming to the country. It must have taken her a tremendous amount of courage before coming to such a decision.

Xuxu’s heart ached for the little girl, but she felt that First Aunt wasn’t entirely wrong. Her husband had committed adultery, and he even had a pair of illegitimate children born out of it. And even though it was beyond anyone’s tolerance, he still had the gall to bring them into the family.

Her own son had committed a crime to seek revenge against his own father, and any mother would have turned hysterical.

Xuxu agreed that Jiang Qinglian was right—First Uncle was the main reason Second Brother had made such a mistake.

Mu Li interrupted her thoughts. “Third Yan is searching for her. Don’t worry so much.”

Xuxu nodded and before she went back with Mu Li, she threw another worried glance at the road.

When they got back, Jiang Qinglian and Jin Qianqian weren’t in the living room anymore. Only Yan Weihong was there.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Xuxu. “Where is the girl?”

“Third Yan went after her.” Mu Li continued, “Nothing will happen if he is around.”

Xuxu nodded and stole a glance upstairs before her eyes landed casually on Grandmother’s portrait.

All the family members gathered together, yet everything had changed.

She helplessly sighed as Mu Li pulled her towards the couch.

“Su Yue, stop running!”

Su Yue dashed across the road and it scared the wits out of Qi Lei and Yan Rusheng. It was only when she safely crossed the road did they breathe easy once more.

Qi Lei swiftly crossed the road. He was an agile and athletic man, and he would naturally be faster than a young girl who was limping.

He caught up with Su Yue and held on to her tightly.

Yan Rusheng reached them shortly, and he grabbed Su Yue’s wrist. He looked at her as she bowed her head. Yan Rusheng couldn’t read her expression.

He hasn’t entirely gotten over his shock and he couldn’t help but give her a gentle lecture. “There were so many cars on the road, do you know how dangerous it was?”

Su Yue didn’t speak but Yan Rusheng saw tears leaking from her eyes.

It startled him. “Yueyue, don’t be sad.”

He consoled her and hugged her tightly.

Yan Rusheng’s hug had surprised Su Yue, but rather than being apprehensive, she felt it was strange and unfamiliar.