Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 799

Chapter 799 I Got It Stop Worrying So Much

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Su Yue’s pressed her hands against Yan Rusheng’s chest, and she was slightly trembling as she sobbed.

Yan Rusheng gently shoved Su Yue away. He softly said, “Your third sister-in-law is worrying about you, and if you continue being sad, her heart will ache, too. Let me send you back to the apartment first.”

He knew that Xuxu was the only person she would care about.

Xuxu was the only one she would instantly respond to. It was only when Su Yue was with Xuxu that she would seem more alive—like a normal human being.

Su Yue heard Yan Rusheng and hastily wiped her tears. She raised her head and gazed at Yan Rusheng with swollen eyes. “I want to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

“Silly girl.” Yan Rusheng gently stroked her hair and affectionately smiled at her.

Ever since Su Yue protected and defended Xuxu to an extent she used hot soup to splash Fang Jiayin, Yan Rusheng accepted her as his younger sister even if she wasn’t officially part of the Yan Family.

Perhaps it was because Xuxu loved and she doted her, or perhaps they were related by blood, or it could be a combination of both reasons.

He quipped, “Qi Lei will eat together with you.”

His parents had just arrived, and the trial was set for tomorrow. He had plenty of things to do.

Su Yue shook her head. “I want to look for my brother.”

“Hmm.” Yan Rusheng glanced at his watch. “I’ll send you there.”

“Okay.” Su Yue nodded and unexpectedly, gave Yan Rusheng a bright smile.

She glanced at Qi Lei, and she beamed at him. “Brother Qi Lei, I’m going to look for my brother.”

“Okay.” Qi Lei nodded. “I’ll make some chicken wings and send them to you tonight.”

Su Yue’s smile widened when she heard him. “Thank you!”

Yan Rusheng was speechless.

Indeed, she was still a child. Her eyes lit up at the mention of food. If only that stupid woman—Wen Xuxu—could be so easily coaxed.

What surprised him more was Su Yue saying thank you. This little lass had learned her manners, and it was news to him.

Yan Rusheng brought Su Yue home, and she stood outside the courtyard. She was fearful. She had her head bowed, and she refused to enter.

Yan Rusheng didn’t coerce her and retrieved his car.

Xuxu rushed out when she heard noises outside. She anxiously pressed on for an answer the moment she saw Yan Rusheng. “Where is Yueyue?”

Yan Rusheng gestured to the entrance. “Outside.”

“Yueyue!” Xuxu bolted towards Su Yue.

“Third sister-in-law.” Su Yue took a deep breath before looking at Xuxu. She softly apologized, “Sorry for making you worry. Don’t be mad at me.”

She was afraid that Xuxu might not talk to her anymore.

Xuxu glanced at her swollen and red eyes. She then stretched her hand to stroke her face. “Silly girl, there is no need for an apology.”

She tightly embraced her to erase the shock and fear she suffered earlier on.

“Where is Qi Lei?” Xuxu’s eyes darted around at the surroundings.

Su Yue replied, “He went back. Third Brother is sending me to look for my brother.”

Yan Rusheng was in his car and he peeked his head out from the window. “She wants to look for Su Yan, and I need to head out to settle some matters so I’ll send her along the way.”

Xuxu nodded, but she wasn’t entirely at ease. She reminded Yan Rusheng, “You have to make sure she is safely in Su Yan’s hands alright?”

She opened the door for Su Yue.

Yan Rusheng frowned and gave her a cold glare. “I got it. Stop worrying so much.”

This woman was really a worrywart. She always worries about the children at the orphanage, constantly worries about Su Yue, but she never worried about him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have banned him from her bed.