Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 800

Chapter 800 Will This Do?

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She should be concerned about his sex life instead!

After Su Yue got into the car, Xuxu bent over and explained, “Yueyue, Aunt Mu Li have just returned and I have to keep her company. So, Third Brother will send you there.”

Actually, she ought to stay by her side to keep her company instead.

The words she heard earlier on must have dealt her a huge blow. It was impossible for her to forget about it so soon.

Xuxu heaved a sigh. She thought the more sensible she grew, the more she felt sorry for her.


After Su Yue nodded her head, Xuxu had closed the car door.

She went back into the courtyard after Yan Rusheng drove off.

As they cruised down the road, Yan Rusheng asked Su Yue, “Do you know where your brother could be right now?”

Su Yue shook her head. She answered, “I don’t know.”

The siblings weren’t close to each other. Su Yue left the orphanage only when she was in her early teens and by then, Su Yan was already in high school. He had a laid back nature, and he had moved out to live alone at a young age, supporting himself through school by taking on various jobs.

Furthermore, Su Yue wasn’t keen on meeting or communicating with people, including Su Yan.

Yan Rusheng knew of these and had already expected that Su Yue didn’t know of Su Yan’s whereabouts. He said, “We’ll call him to find out.”

Su Yue looked down and mumbled, “I don’t know his contact number.”

Yan Rusheng was speechless. How could she not know her brother’s contact number? He then briefly recalled Ming Ansheng mentioning that she had only registered Xuxu’s number on her phone.

Feeling helpless, he scrolled through his contact list and found Su Yan’s number. He pressed the dial button. “Where are you? Su Yue wants to go over to look for you.”

Su Yan said something which caused Yan Rusheng to furrow his eyebrows helplessly. “Then, I’ll send her back home.”

Without waiting for Su Yan to continue, he hung up and threw his phone back into the glove compartment. Turning to look at Su Yue, he said, “Your brother is out in the suburbs for an outdoor shoot. Let me send you back to the apartment first.”

“I don’t want to go back.” Su Yue kept her head bowed, and she was playing with her fingers. She whispered, “I’ll take a stroll myself.”

Yan Rusheng rejected her without hesitation. “Cannot.”

Wen Xuxu had repeatedly instructed him to hand her over to Su Yan because she was worried about her being alone. So how could he let her go for a stroll alone?

Yan Rusheng thought over it and surveyed Su Yue once more. Seeing her in that state, he couldn’t help but give in. “How about this? I’ll bring you along with me. Since you wanted to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, you’ll wait for me there. Will this do?”

Su Yue smiled when she heard what he had to say. She nodded her head, but she still wore a slight frown. “Alright.”

Al—right? What a reluctant answer. She was really an ingrate lass. Besides Xuxu, she was the only one to have received such good treatment from him, okay?

Yan Rusheng gave a forced smile. He didn’t utter a further word and focused on his driving.

His cellphone rang incessantly throughout the journey until the calls ended by themselves.

“I’ve reached. Give me a while.”

“I have a child with me. Let me look for Kentucky Fried Chicken and send her there first.”

During his conversation, Yan Rusheng spotted a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. He swiftly ended the call. He drove towards it and stopped his car at the entrance.

Pointing to the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, he looked at Su Yue and instructed, “You go in first and I’ll come back and look for you in a while.”

Su Yue nodded her head as she unfastened her seatbelt. Before she got off, Yan Rusheng asked, “Do you have money with you?”