Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 801

Chapter 801 She Was A Beautiful Lady

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“Yes.” Su Yue nodded before getting off the car. She closed the door after her.

She suddenly recalled something and turned back. She opened the car door and looked at Yan Rusheng with her dewy eyes. She was frowning. “Third Brother, I’m not a child who’s in the way.”

It dumbfounded Yan Rusheng.

This wretched girl was always feigning ignorance. The truth was, she actually understood whatever people said but chose not to respond.

He had only casually mentioned Ming Ansheng over the phone, and she actually took it to heart.

After finishing her sentence, Su Yue continued to fix her gaze at Yan Rusheng.

She was obviously waiting for him to apologize, and it seemed that it was a must for him to do so.

Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched. And with an earnest tone and a frown on his face, he apologized, “I’m sorry, your Third Brother is in the wrong.”

‘This petty lass!’

Other than Xuxu, it was the first time someone had made Third Young Master into a fool until there was nothing he could even do.

As he was rushing to settle some serious matters, he didn’t have the time to dilly dally with her.

After his apology, Su Yue straightened herself in satisfaction before backing off. She closed the car door.

She turned around and went into the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

Yan Rusheng was still worried for her as he watched her petite figure from behind. He then took a glance at the time.

He had no choice but to start the engine.

Yan Rusheng arrived at a seven-star hotel, and he walked with hurried steps through the turnstile into a majestic-looking hall.

Ming Ansheng was clutching his phone and was anxiously waiting for him. When he spotted him, he dashed forward.

He looked behind him and frowned in bewilderment. “Where’s the child you mentioned over the phone?”

Yan Rusheng replied, “She’s at Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

The two of them headed towards the elevator as they talked.

Even though the two handsome-looking men were dressed in suits, they each exuded a different class.

The only similarity they had was their indescribable air of elegance.

Walking side by side, they were an eye-catching sight.

Yan Rusheng pressed the elevator button after they had entered.

Ming Ansheng was curious, and he continued to probe. “Who’s the child? Your illegitimate son?”

“Get lost.” Yan Rusheng glared at Young Master Ming. “It’s Su Yue. I was supposed to send her to Su Yan, but he’s not in the capital city. Anyway, it’s a long story.”

The elevator door was about to close when someone shouted from outside. “Wait.”

It was a sweet sounding voice that belonged to a lady.

Ming Ansheng immediately stretched out his hand to block the door. The thudding sounds of someone’s high heels ‘deng deng deng’ echoed around.

Yan Rusheng impatiently furrowed his eyebrows as an expression of his annoyance and dissatisfaction towards Ming Ansheng’s actions.

Why must they wait?

It was a waste of time!

The thudding sounds of high heels got louder and a lanky woman appeared before their eyes. She was wearing a red dress and a pair of white high-heeled shoes. She was clutching a light green Hermes bag in her hand. She also had a lightly permed shoulder-length hair and wore an oversized pair of sunglasses that sat on her nose.

She looked stylish and fashionable.

A whiff of light fragrance emitted from the woman’s body. As she entered the elevator, she thanked Ming Ansheng and Yan Rusheng endlessly with a smile. “Thank you, thank you!”

She extended her hand intending to press the buttons but retracted before pressing it.

As the woman was standing too near the elevator door, she took a step backward. Yan Rusheng frowned in disdain and took a huge step to the side, maintaining a distance with the woman.

Ming Ansheng smiled in amusement as he observed his behavior.

She was a beautiful lady yet he treated her like a venomous scorpion.