Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Youre Not Far Off From Amnesia

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The elevator door opened when it reached their level, and the lady stepped out. Ming Ansheng moved near Yan Rusheng and made fun of him in a hushed voice. “What spell did Wen Xuxu put on you that you’re so fearful of other women coming near you?”

‘So fearful?’ Young Master Yan looked at Young Master Ming with furrowed eyebrows. “I hate foul smelling perfume, don’t you know?”

Before Ming Ansheng could respond, the woman’s voice sounded from the front, and she seemed annoyed. “Handsome chap, I’m using a limited edition perfume from Guerlain. You—you don’t know how to appreciate.”

There was a hint of inviolable arrogance in her voice.

The corner of Ming Ansheng’s lips involuntarily twitched. He then looked at Yan Rusheng’s handsome face, stifling a grin.

This could be the first time that Young Master Yan was being snubbed by a woman he didn’t know.

Besides Wen Xuxu, she was the only woman who dared to say that Young Master Yan was an unappreciative man.

Yan Rusheng twisted his thick eyebrows and glared at the woman. A trace of hatred flashed across his eyes.

Even though it was fleeting, the woman noticed it. Fearing nothing, she raised her chin and rebutted, “What are you looking at? If Guerlain is a foul-smelling perfume, then what’s not foul smelling?”

Yan Rusheng ignored her and raised his feet to move forward, walking past the woman without any hesitation in his steps.

After walking past her, his sarcastic voice sounded faint from the front. “A turtle who eats grains.”


Ming Ansheng could hold it no longer and burst out laughing. He looked at Yan Rusheng and shook his head.

This chap was always so sharp-tongued towards beautiful women. Couldn’t he be more gracious and gentle?

“A turtle who eats grains?” It had the woman baffled. She knitted her eyebrows as she pondered over Yan Rusheng’s words. It was only after a little while when she came to a realization. She fumed, “You’re the turtle who eats grains. Every breath you take is wasting the world’s resources.”

The meaning of a turtle who eats grain was ‘wasting something ‘, wasn’t it?

So it meant that using the expensive Guerlain perfume on her was a waste.

What was most loathsome was he actually used the word ‘turtle’ to describe her!

‘Yan Rusheng, you just wait!’

The beautiful woman gnashed her teeth. A vicious glare flashed across her almond-shaped eyes behind her over-sized sunglasses.

Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng walked to the end of the corridor before taking a turn. Their steps were casual and graceful.

As they made the turn, Ming Ansheng caught sight of the woman from the corner of his eyes.

He couldn’t help but laugh. “That woman is special. She actually wasn’t love struck with us.”

It was so unusual.

Being narcissistic was a common trait among young masters.

Yan Rusheng threw a dirty look at Ming Ansheng. “Mr. Ming, you’re not far off from amnesia.”

As he said that, he hastened his steps and found the room he was looking for. After verifying the room number, he extended his hand and knocked on the door.

Ming Ansheng didn’t understand what he was driving at and asked, “What do you mean?”

Yan Rusheng remained silent and ignored him. Just then, the door opened.

A tall and slender lady greeted them. She was wearing a crisp white shirt underneath a black suit. She had her hair on a bun, looking like a competent and capable woman.

When she saw Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng, she flashed a child-like grin. “Third Brother Yan, Brother Ming.”

Ming Ansheng nodded, “Yishan.”

Yan Rusheng also nodded before raising his feet and walked past Lu Yishan.

Lu Yishan and Ming Ansheng trailed after him.