Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Love Rivals Auntie

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It was a luxurious suite. A sheer lace curtain covered the living room window, and it gave one a hazy view of the outside.

Yan Rusheng walked in. On the couch sat a slightly plump middle-aged man.

When the man saw Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng, he laughed as he stood up. “President Yan. President Ming.”

“Lawyer Zhou.” Yan Rusheng smiled and politely nodded. His steps remained steadfast as he walked over and shook hands with the man.

Both of them sat down after that.

Lu Yishan served them tea.

Both of them emerged from the hotel. Against the blazing sun, Ming Ansheng knitted his eyebrows and looked at Yan Rusheng with a smile. “You can breathe easy now.”

Yan Rusheng sighed. “Not yet.”

Ming Ansheng tightly pressed his lips at the corner. He then patted Yan Rusheng on his shoulders in reassurance. “We can only do our best.”

The two of them descended the hotel’s staircase at the main entrance. They tossed out their car keys as they walked past a grand fountain.

“President Yan. President Ming.”

A woman’s voice suddenly sounded from the front.

Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng looked over in unison. An elegantly dressed middle-aged woman was walking towards them while two burly looking men in black suits followed suit.

Suddenly, Ming Ansheng recalled something. His eyes lit up as he looked at Yan Rusheng. “I remember now. The woman earlier was Jiang Zhuoheng’s cousin, right? Her name… her name ends with a ‘ting ‘.”

He couldn’t recall her full name at that moment.

The middle-aged woman walked closer, but Yan Rusheng kept a straight face. Ming Ansheng got the hint and prepared to step forward to greet her.

He retracted from his thoughts and politely greeted the middle-aged woman. “It’s rare for President Jiang to visit the Capital City.”

President Jiang was Jiang Zhuoheng’s aunt. She was the President of the conglomerate, Paramount, whose assets were worth more than the Jiang Corporation.

Jiang Shaomei smiled and answered, “My daughter just returned from overseas and came over to the capital city. I’m here to visit the Old Master and at the same time, to fetch Yanting home.”

Ming Ansheng nodded. “That’s right, her name is Yanting.”

He finally remembered. No wonder she was so unreasonable towards him and Yan Rusheng.

Ming Ansheng’s response left Jiang Shaomei bewildered. “What?”

She got a sudden fright.

Ming Ansheng smiled as he explained. “We bumped into President Jiang’s daughter in the hotel earlier on, but I couldn’t recall her name at that spur of the moment.”

Jiang Shaomei smiled again and she affectionately chided. “That wretched lass said she wanted to come and visit her grandfather, and yet insisted on staying in a hotel. She almost drove her grandfather up the wall.”

Ming Ansheng grinned. “I could still recall she was mischievous since she was a child.”

The truth was, he didn’t have a deep impression of Xin Yanting. If he hadn’t run into Jiang Shaomei, he wouldn’t have remembered her.

No wonder she was so cocky and arrogant—the young mistress of Paramount.

“We won’t hold President Jiang back. We’ll make a move first.”

Yan Rusheng, who had remained silent throughout, suddenly spoke.

With that, he took to his feet and strode past Jiang Shaomei without a second look.

He strode off in a haste. Jiang Shaomei turned and took a look at him before fixing her gaze at Ming Ansheng.

“He has something urgent to attend to,” explained Ming Ansheng with a smile.

Jiang Shaomei magnanimously dismissed it with a wave. “It’s alright. I know his character too well.”

She wasn’t the least offended by him.

“Then I’ll make a move too.” Ming Ansheng regained his footsteps and caught up with Yan Rusheng. “Third Yan, since she’s Ah Heng’s aunt, you should show her some respect.”

Yan Rusheng’s face changed and looked perplexed. “Why must I show respect to my love rival’s auntie?”