Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Past Conflicts

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It had rendered Ming Ansheng speechless.

Love rival’s auntie—his words made him appear as a petty person.

However, he was fully aware that Jiang Zhuoheng wasn’t the main reason he was disrespectful towards Jiang Shaomei. Rather, it was because of past business conflicts between Flourish & Prosper and Paramount.

At that time, the elderly lady was still holding the realm at Flourish & Prosper and unhappiness arose because of a product bidding.

It seemed that Paramount had resorted to underhand means which resulted in Flourish & Prosper losing the bidding chance.

Old Madam Wang was a meticulous person and had always been discreet and cautious in her work. So, even when such a thing happened, she would keep mum about it. He only got wind of it through some sources but didn’t have the opportunity to verify it.

If Paramount was really the culprit, all the more, she wouldn’t divulge.

Ming Ansheng mulled over it before diverting the topic. He asked, “Where are you going now? Going home?”

Yan Rusheng replied, “Going to look for Su Yue.”

The Kentucky Fried Chicken was just next door, so Yan Rusheng quickened his steps. As it wasn’t mealtime yet, there were just a few people in the shop.

He pulled the door open and went in. His eyes scanned the entire place and there were only a handful of adults and children. Su Yue was nowhere in sight.

Yan Rusheng started to get anxious and walked in further to search thoroughly.

He searched high and low but Su Yue wasn’t there.

“Where’s the bathroom?” He stopped a waiter and asked.

The young waitress face turned crimson when a handsome chap suddenly stopped her. She pointed her finger and stammered, “Over… over there.”

Most importantly, the handsome chap’s abrupt actions stunned her.

Seeing Yan Rusheng feeling anxious because of Su Yue’s disappearance, Ming Ansheng also got worried because he was aware of Su Yue’s condition.

“I have her phone number. Let me give her a call,” he said as he tossed out his cellphone. He then dialed her number.

A cute voice sounded in his ears. ‘Love you, kiss kiss, quickly give me a kiss, love to banter with you…’

When he heard the song, Young Master Ming instinctively thought that he had dialed the wrong number. He took a quick glance at his screen—it was Su Yue’s name.

The corners of his lips subconsciously curled up. He was also smiling from within. “This little lass.”

She had shown improvement and already knew how to set her cellphone ringback tone to a song that matched her age.

Yan Rusheng saw Ming Ansheng smiling to himself, so he stared at him in suspicion with narrowed eyes.

‘Why is this fellow smiling for no reason? And smiling so sweetly like a girl.’

The ringback tone kept playing, but no one answered from the other end. Ming Ansheng was about to inform Yan Rusheng when he caught him staring.

He felt guilty for a moment. But he obviously did nothing wrong!

“Why are you staring at me that way?” He asked.

There was a lack of confidence in his voice.

Yan Rusheng shook his head. “Nothing. Have you got through to Su Yue?”

Ming Ansheng was about to nod his head when a familiar voice sounded in the phone. “Hello.”

He immediately asked, “Little lass, where are you? Your Third Brother is so anxious and worried when he couldn’t find you.”

Noisy music and loud voices of people talking could be heard in the background.

“I’m at…”

Su Yue mumbled something. But since the other line was noisy, and the place had an intermittent phone signal, Ming Ansheng couldn’t hear her.

Suddenly, the line went dead.

He tried calling her back right away but could no longer get through.