Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 805

Chapter 805 Su Yue You Are Too Awesome

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Ming Ansheng got anxious, and he said to Yan Rusheng, “She didn’t make herself clear but the call ended. It was too noisy in the background and now the call can’t get through.”

Yan Rusheng was anxious and hastily snatched the phone from Ming Ansheng. He attempted to reach Su Yue once more, but the call didn’t get through.

“That girl is quite sensible. I think perhaps she got a little impatient waiting for you. She shouldn’t be too far away,” consoled Ming Ansheng although he was equally as anxious as Yan Rusheng.

He frantically glanced around and something suddenly struck him. He went to the cashier and asked the staff, “Is there any shopping mall or amusement park in the vicinity?”

He heard loud sounds in the background when he called Su Yue earlier on, so he reckoned that she must be at a crowded place.

The staff asked, “Are you looking for an adult or a child?”

“A girl, she is about 18 years old. She is very pretty with long hair.”

“Oh, is she the one who had ten chicken wings and three cups of Coke?”

Ten chicken wings and three cups of Coke… The corners of Ming Ansheng’s mouth twitched. But he had a hunch that Su Yue was the person the staff had described since the girl seemed to love chicken wings.

That fellow Qi Lei had successfully used chicken wings to lure her, and that’s why she had followed him around, addressing him affectionately as ‘Brother’.

He nodded and replied, “That should be her.”

The staff answered, “She left with a few students carrying bags. There is an arcade a short distance away when you exit from the right. You can try going there.”

Students carrying bags, arcade…

Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng’s eyes met each other. They then turned around at the same time and marched towards the exit.

They turned right after exiting and caught sight of an arcade after a few minutes. It was a huge arcade and it occupied two levels. There was an entrance on the ground level and a staircase inside.

They strode towards the stairs and heard some noisy music in the background mingled with loud voices.

It sounded like what Ming Ansheng had heard earlier on when he spoke to Su Yue. He hastened his footsteps.

There were children and adults, but the place was crowded mostly with teens.

Both of them frantically surveyed the place, but it wasn’t easy spotting Su Yue since there were many young girls around.

“You go this way and I’ll head there.”

Yan Rusheng suggested they split up as the place was too huge.

Ming Ansheng nodded.

“Sister, come and have some popcorn.”

“You’re too awesome! The ball went in every single time.”

“Sister, come and have some water.”

A pretty girl with her hair tied up stood in front of the simulation basketball machine. Her beautiful and clearly-defined features were revealed. Her fair skin was covered with perspiration and the red shirt she was wearing complimented her fair and rosy skin.

There were a few other boys and girls standing around her. They looked like they were about her age.

Everyone was staring at her with awestruck eyes and were offering her food and beverages.

Ming Ansheng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw her. He stopped a short distance away from her.

He watched as the teens fawned over her and he shook his head in amusement.

‘This girl is quite capable.’

Ming Ansheng didn’t interrupt Su Yue. Instead, he whipped out his phone to inform Yan Rusheng that he had found her.

Everyone clamored around Su Yue and gave her a thumbs up when the game ended.

“Su Yue, you are too awesome!”

Su Yue ignored all their praises.

She turned around and received a shock when she saw Ming Ansheng.