Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Ill Be Good To Su Yue

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“Uncle Ming,” she softly called out.

Ming Ansheng strode towards her with a smile. “Little girl, seems like you’re quite good. Where did you use to practice?”

She seemed so familiar with the game, so she must have played the game often before

Su Yue ignored Ming Ansheng, neither did she move. She simply stood in front of him.

“Su Yue, who is he?”

The crowd asked Su Yue as they sized up the man.

“Why does he look so familiar?”

Su Yue didn’t answer.

“Su Yue. Su Yue!”

A skinny, lanky guy came running towards her. He stopped in front of Su Yue with a huge bouquet of roses.

His face gradually turned scarlet as he gazed at Su Yue’s pretty face.

The crowd slowly averted their eyes from Ming Ansheng to the guy and the roses in his hand. Their eyes were wide open with envy. They moved forward in excitement.

“Wow, Young Master Xia is so romantic.”

Ming Ansheng frowned. What was going on?

His eyes darted to the boy, and then he narrowed his eyes to size him up as well. Was he Su Yue’s admirer?

‘Are teens so open-minded these days?’

They were barely twenty, and they were already yearning for romance and love.

Then again, he was the same when he was in high school.

“Su Yue, I like you! Can you please be my girlfriend?”

‘F*ck! Of course not! How can they date at such a young age?!’

Ming Ansheng cut across before Su Yue could answer. “Her college entrance exam is coming soon. Aren’t you trying to distract her from her studies?”

The boy finally noticed Ming Ansheng and surveyed him in doubt. “Who are you?”

His attitude was rather… rude.

Hey! Young Master Ming frowned. The youths these days are so open-minded about dating and were rude.

Someone spoke up. “He is Su Yue’s uncle.”

They had overheard Su Yue addressing Ming Ansheng as Uncle Ming.

The boy immediately changed his attitude when he heard that Ming Ansheng was Su Yue’s uncle. He turned around to him with a polite smile and bowed to introduce himself. “Hello, Uncle. I’m Su Yue’s classmate. My name is Xia Haiyang.”

Ming Ansheng’s face fell!

From Ming Ansheng’s expression, everyone could tell that he was against them dating at such a young age. Hence why he seemed to disapprove Xia Haiyang.

But in reality, he was upset because they referred to him as Su Yue’s uncle.

And in that split second, he really became part of her family.

He felt awkward and annoyed. He turned solemn and then sharply spoke, “At your age, you should be studying hard to get into a good university. Only after that should you consider dating.”

The boy smiled and shook his head. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely get into a good university. And after I graduated, I will enter my dad’s company so I won’t have to worry about getting a job.”

What did this guy mean by that? Was he trying to flaunt his wealth?

Ming Ansheng frowned even more. “If you don’t study hard, how can you manage the company in the future? And if you didn’t manage the company well and it goes bust, what would happen then?”

If he wasn’t Su Yue’s uncle this boy would definitely retort, ‘You’re the one going bust, and your whole family too.’

He had cursed a random stranger…

Ming Ansheng was a little uneasy. Was he being influenced by Yan Rusheng’s mean tongue?

But alas, Xia Haiyang had no choice since he liked this man’s niece. He put on a smile once more to promise Ming Ansheng. “Uncle, I will study hard. Even if I’m dating Su Yue, it won’t affect our studies. And I will be good to Su Yue.”