Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 807

Chapter 807 Left Without A Word

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“No, you can’t,” objected Ming Ansheng. He then grabbed Su Yue’s hand after he had glanced at her. “Come on, your third brother is looking for you.”

Su Yue allowed Ming Ansheng to lead her. From the beginning, she never even glanced at the boy who just professed his love for her.

“I think I have seen Su Yue’s uncle somewhere before.”

“I find him familiar too.”

That goes without saying that Young Master Ming had appeared on financial TV shows several times before, and he was also featured on the cover page of financial magazines and newspapers. He had hit the headlines on the entertainment section as well.

Ming Ansheng held Su Yue’s hand and steered her away from the crowd. When they reached the landing of the staircase, Su Yue began to wrestle her hand away from his.

It was only then Ming Ansheng realized that he was still holding her hand. Her hand was so slender and felt so soft and supple. Instinctively, he relinquished his grip at once.

But the moment he let her hand go, he felt his heart was empty. It was a feeling that he couldn’t describe.

It vanished in a flash.

His shrewd-looking eyes stared at Su Yue as though nothing had happened. “Your third brother is making a call downstairs.”

He walked past Su Yue and descended the stairs.

Su Yue followed quietly behind him.

“Do you play basketball often?” suddenly asked Ming Ansheng as he spun his head towards her.

Su Yue refused to meet his eyes, and she stopped. Just when Ming Ansheng thought he wouldn’t be getting an answer as usual, to his astonishment, she responded.

“There was an old basketball hoop at the orphanage.”

She sounded calm and collected but her words momentarily tugged Ming Ansheng’s heart.

This girl had suffered so much in the past. It was a struggle for him to imagine what kind of environment she grew up in.

He felt that the Yan family really needed to shower her with attention and warmth in the future.

“I heard that you ate ten chicken wings and three cups of Coke?” Ming Ansheng smoothly diverted the topic.

Su Yue didn’t answer him this time and merely rolled her eyes.

How did he even know that? Did they install a surveillance camera on her?

“Your choice of ringtone is excellent,” Ming Ansheng commented, looking amused.

Su Yue murmured softly and added, “It’s free.”

Young Master Ming was thoroughly amused when he heard her.

They continued their conversation as they descended the stairs.

They exited through the door and stepped on the bustling street. Ming Ansheng peered around looking for Yan Rusheng, but he was nowhere to be seen.

He took out his phone and at that moment, Yan Rusheng was on the other line.

He answered, “Third Yan, where did you go?”

Yan Rusheng’s voice sounded urgent. “I have something to attend to. Can you accompany Su Yue for a while, if not send her home.”

Without waiting for Ming Ansheng to agree, Yan Rusheng ended the call. “Hey, what?!”

Young Master Ming stared at his phone soundlessly for some time as the busy tone sounded.

He grumpily stowed his phone away. “What was that—he just left without a word.”

And he simply left this girl with him.

‘Accompany her or send her home…’ Yan Rusheng was too used to giving instructions.

Ming Ansheng swore and cursed at him silently before turning to Su Yue. His anger vanished the moment he set his eyes on her.

However, he still sounded grumpy. “Your third brother had to attend to some urgent matters. Follow me to my office first as I’ve some work to do. I’ll send you home later.”